Collection: 1867 Plymouth County Massachusetts Directory

Plymouth County Massachusetts, Honor Roll

The following honor roll provides a listing of soldiers from Plymouth County Massachusetts that died while serving for the Union Army in the Civil War. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start Now Abington Henry W. Bebee, 7th, died of wounds received at battle of Fredericksburg, May 3, 1863. Charles L. Baldwin, 0, 38th, at Berwick City, May 3, 1863. George E. Beal, C, 38th, Feb. 16, 1863. Alson Bicknell, C, 38th, Marine Hospital, Now Orleans, La., chronic diarrhea, April 14, 1863. Solon Bates, E, 4th, May 29, 1863. Bradford W. Beal, 20th, May 28, 1864. Sergt. Benj. F. Caswell, K, 18th, battle of Bull Run, Va., August 30, 1862. Michael Coughlan, 18th, Aug. 12, 1864. Frederick Cook, K, 7th, Oct. 12, 1862. Timothy W. Crocker, 8. C, at Boston, Dec 18, 1864. 1st Lieut. Lysander F. Gushing, 12th, killed in action, September 17, 1862. Benj. Curtis, G, 12th, killed in action, Sept. 17, 1862. Wm. M. Campbell, 16th, killed at Fredericksburg, Dec. 1862. Brine Downing, C, 38th,...

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1867 Bridgewater Massachusetts Directory

Adams William H. farmer, Auburn Akins Charles W. machinist, bd Bedford Alden Caleb, laborer, bds High Alden Cromwell, farmer, r High Alden Elijah, fanner, bds Vernon Alden Ezra H. expressman, r School Alden Horatio, farmer, r Conant Alden Isaac F. watchman, r Walnut Alden Isaac K. clerk, bds Bedford Alden James S. painter, v Bedford Alden John C. merchant, r South Alden Lewis V. farmer, r Titicut Alden Leander M. machinist, bds Plymouth Alden Oliver, fanner, r High Alden Samuel, physician, r South Alden Walter H. teacher, r Oak Alden William S. farmer, r Summer Alden William S. Jr., farmer, bds Summer Aldrich Henry C. laborer. Beach Alger Adin, farmer, r Pleasant Alger James I. butcher, Main Alger Stillman, commission merchant, r Main Alger William H. butcher, r Main Ames Horace, farmer, r South Ames Jotham, farmer, r North Ames Virgil, farmer, r South Ames Washington L. farmer, r North Andrews Manassah, machinist, r Plymouth Andrews M. Lloyd, machinist, r Plymouth Andrews Perez V. shoemaker, r Plymouth Andrews Thomas F. L. r Plymouth Armstrong Charles J. laborer, r Main Baker George, shoemaker, r Walnut Baker Phincas, fanner, r Main Ball Merrill W. laborer, Plymouth Barnes Harrison F. r Pleasant Barney Mark F. butcher, Summer Barney Cyrenus, blacksmith, Barstow Edwin W. r Pleasant, Bartlett Elijah, tack manuf. r Green Bartlett Horace, tack manuf. r Green Bartlett John A. tack manuf....

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1867 Plympton Massachusetts Directory

Atwood Benjamin S. box maker Beaton Henry P. shoemaker Billings James, shoemaker Billings Nathan D. shoemaker Bisbee Elijah, farmer Blanchard Horatio W. shoemaker Blanchard Wm. W. shoemaker Bonney George H. painter Bonney James S. box maker Bonney Wm. L. box maker Bradford Gideon, shoemaker Bradford Henry A. trader Bradford Joseph W. box maker Bradford Samuel N. shoemaker Brewster Pelham, farmer Briggs Herschell E. shoemaker Briggs Lewis H. shoemaker Briggs Nathan S. farmer Briggs Seneca, farmer Bryant Calvin M. mariner Bryant Lemuel, section master Bryant William S. famer Bryant Zenas, farmer Chandler Edward, shoemaker Chandler M. E. shoemaker Churchill Albert S. shoemaker Churchill Alexander, farmer Churchill Alexander L. engineer Churchill Ansel, jr., laborer Churchill Bart C. farmer Churchill Daniel, hoop maker Churchill Edmund P. shoemaker Churchill Harvey, farmer Churchill Isaiah, engraver Churchill Isaiah P. shoemaker Churchill Josiah, tack maker Churchill Josiah S. shoemaker Churchill Leander S. laborer Churchill Lemuel P. shoemaker Churchill Oliver, farmer Churchill Simeon, “stonecutter Churchill Spencer, blacksmith Churchill Timothy, farmer Clark Hiram H. farmer Clark Thomas H. farmer Cobb Lemuel, farmer Cobb Lemuel, jr., farmer Conaway John, laborer Cushman Zenas, harness maker Darling Charles, shoemaker Drew Stephen, shoemaker Ellis Edson, carpenter Ellis Gustavus B. mariner Ellis Henry K. box manuf. Ellis James C. box manuf. Ellis Joel, teamer Ellis John P. shoemaker Ellis Willard, farmer Eaglestedt Charles W. mariner Farrar Franklin P. tack manuf. Fuller Amos, carpenter...

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1867 West Bridgewater Massachusetts Directory

Alger Albert L. farmer, Cochesett Alger Chas. S. boot maker, Cochesett Alger Cyrus, soap manuf. Cochesett Alger Davis, farmer, Cochesett Alger James, iron foundry Alger Joseph, farmer, Cochesett Alger Joseph A. stage driver Alger Joseph W. farmer Alger Leonard W. carpenter Alger Martin, farmer, Cochesett Alger Otis farmer, Cochesett Alger Sanford, farmer, Cochesett Alger Ward, farmer, Cochesett Alger Wm. farmer, Cochesett Alger Wm. O. shoe manuf. Cochesett Ames Charles, farmer Ames Charles P. farmer, Cochesett Ames David P. farmer, Cochesett Ames John F. moulder Ames Jonathan, farmer Ames Thomas, farmer Ames Willard, furnace man Ames Willard jr., farmer Ames Wm. B. agent Atwell Charles, blacksmith Baker Daniel H. merchant Bailey James S. shoemaker Bailey Melvin, shovel welder Bailey Sylvanus P. shoemaker Bartlett David jr., farmer Bartlett Horace, farmer Bartlett Joab, farmer Bartlett Samuel D. farmer Burke Wm. iron worker, Cochesett Burke Wm. H. livery stable Burrell Jarvis D. postmaster and trader Buttomer Andrew, laborer Buttomer John, laborer Bassett Keith, farmer Beals Charles, farmer Beals Charles R. carpenter Benson F. T. shoemaker Billings Edgar, boot maker Billings Martin, shoemaker Billings Willard, nursery Bird wm. E. iron foundry Blood Luther, farmer, Cochesett Bowe Nicholas, shovel grinder Brown Cyrus P. boot maker, Cochesett Cahill Thomas, forger Callahan Dennis, shovel welder Capen Edward, painter Carr George G. shoemaker Carson Lawrence, iron worker Cashman John, forger Caswell Henry P. shoemaker Chaffe Nathaniel O. clergyman...

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1867 Halifax Massachusetts Directory

Alden Reuel T. shoemaker Allen Jarad B. shoemaker Allen John, shoemaker Bird Henry W. shoemaker Bishop Charles E. carpenter Bishop Nathaniel, carpenter Blake Daniel P. shoemaker Bonney Elbridge P. painter Bosworth Daniel, teamster Bosworth Henry M. teamster Bosworth Libbeus, farmer Bosworth Martin, farmer Bosworth William H. shoemaker Bourne Abram, farmer Bourne Josiah, shoemaker Bourne William N. laborer Briggs Bern, shoemaker Briggs G. W. shoe cutter Britton Z. L. farmer Bryant Thomas H. B. farmer Carver Charles G. laborer Carver Samuel, farmer Churchill Edmond, shoemaker Churchill Samnel, shoemaker Clark Stephen, fanner Cobb Lewis A. farmer Cook John, painter Cornish Ellis, farmer Crooker Melvin, carpenter Crooker Melvin, jr., farmer Crooker Wm. H. clerk Cushman Nahum W. farmer Cushman Noah, farmer Dabey William S. Drew George, farmer Drew James T. farmer Dyson William A. shoemaker Fearing Seth, shoemaker Fisher George A. laborer Fobes Wm. A. pastor Cong. Church Fuller Alfred, farmer Fuller Charles H. shoemaker Fuller Chipman, farmer Fuller Cyrus, farmer Fuller Eben, farmer Fuller Eustace, shoemaker Fuller Granville C. farmer Fuller Isaac, farmer Fuller John, farmer Fuller Marsha H, shoemaker Fuller Nathan, farmer Fuller Nathan, jr., farmer Fuller Richard, shoemaker Fuller Samuel, farmer Fuller Thomas S. shoemaker Harlow George, shoemaker Harlow Joseph, shoemaker Harlow Stephen, farmer Hatch Nahum, shoemaker Harriman Abel A. shoemaker Hayward Geo B. laborer Hayward Kinsley, laborer Hayward Kinsley, jr., shoemaker Hayward Lysander, laborer Hayward Wm. T. farmer...

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1867 Plymouth County Massachusetts Directory, Dentists to Dyers

Dentists Bourne & King, Abington Donham G. E., E. Abington, Abington Washburn Christian, Bridgewater Washburn N. & C., Bridgewater Daly & Rolte, Hingham Leach C. W., Lakeville Minor Westley, Marion Henry Stephen, Marshfield Leach C. W., Middleboro Packard J. E., North Bridgewater Puffer L. W., Bridgewater Whitney Geo. K., Bridgewater Drew T. B., Plymouth Shumway Thomas D., Plymouth Designer & Draughtsman Wilbar Winslow C. Bridgewater Dressmakers (See also Milliners) Shaw Mary Miss E. Abington, Abington Studley Susan Mrs., Abington, Abington Bouldry Mary Miss, S. Abington, Abington Healey Susan H. Mrs., Abington, Abington West John Mrs., Abington, Abington Hayden Sarah, Bridgewater Howes Hannah B., Middleboro Simmons H. A, Mrs., Middleboro Churchill Helen Miss., No. Bridgewater Foye E. A. Mrs., Bridgewater Knowles Emma C. Miss, Bridgewater Mathison Lizzie Miss, Bridgewater Dawley Catharine Miss, Campello, Bridgewater Bacon Rebecca Miss, Plymouth Bradford Sarah Miss, Plymouth Bughee Orelia Miss, Plymouth Collingwood Susan Mrs., Plymouth Godard Harriet Miss, Plymouth Kickerson Mary Miss, Plymouth Dry Goods (See also Country Stores, also Hosiery, also Laces, Embroideries, &c.) Smith E. J., Abington Whitmarsh Z. N., Abington Pearson G.H.& Co. S. Abington, Abington Dunham C. & Co. E. Abington, Abington Rice J. A., Abington, Abington Rosenfeld Nathan, Abington, Abington Torrey D. & E. P., Abington, Abington Gleason & Greenwood, N. Abington, Abington Crane J. E. Bridgewater Crocker T. W. & CO., Bridgewater Hobart Caleb, Bridgewater Nutter I. N. & E.W. East Bridgewater...

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1867 Plymouth County Massachusetts Directory, Ice Dealers to Lumber Dealers

Ice Dealers Noyes Lorenzo D., Abington Witherell Jabez, Bridgewater Jenkins Merritt, East Bridgewater Nelson James, Hingham Howes & Sturtevant, Mattapoisett Cleveland Walter F., North Bridgewater Stoddard John T., Plymouth Clapp H. T., Scituate Burrell J. D., West Bridgewater Insurance Agents Rowland F. P., Abington Pierce H. B., North Abington Kingman Benj. S., Bridgewater Kingman Philip D., Bridgewater Leach James C., Bridgewater Dwelley J., Hanson Harding David, Hingham Baker Geo. M., Marshfield Robinson Everett, Middleboro Hayward S. A., North Bridgewater Danforth W. S., Plymouth Hall J. T. Plymouth Beul John, Scituate Hayden Joseph P. Wareham Iron Founders (See also Iron Manufactures also Stoves) Lazell Perkins & Co., Bridgewater Perkins Henry, Bridgewater Pratt Lewis & Co., Carver Ellis M. & Co., Carver Savery Wm., Carver Bird Wm. E., East Bridgewater Old Colony Iron Foundry, Moses Bates, Bridgewater Barstow Edwin, Hanover Curtis George, Hanover Howard Charles & Co. Hingham LeBaron John B., Middleboro Plymouth Iron Foundry, Wm. R. Drew, Treas., Plymouth Franconia Iron & Steel Co., Wm. Hammond, Treas., office Lindall, cor. Congress St., Boston, Wareham Agawam Iron Foundry (hollow-ware), J. F. Sherman, agent, E. Wareham, Wareham Iron Manufactures (See also Forges also Iron Founders) Lazell, Perkins & Co., Bridgewater Japan, Oils & Varnish (See also Paints, Oils and Glass) Shaw Geo. H., Middleboro Jewelry, Watches and Plate Noyes Isaiah, Abington Studley W. B., East Abington, Abington Hewett E. A., Bridgewater Potter J. H., East Bridgewater Leonard...

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1867 Plymouth County Massachusetts Directory, Machinery and Tools to Nurserymen

Machinery and Tools (See also Machinists and Machinery Manufacturers) Lazell, Perkins & Co., Bridgewater Machinists and Machinery Manufacturers  Young Jacob K., Abington Ellis H., Abington Kimball E. A., Abington Giles J. H., Abington Andrews M., Bridgewater Alden Leander M., Bridgewater Copeland G. A., Bridgewater Hall Alfred, Bridgewater Hayward Edwin, Bridgewater Keith Philo, Bridgewater Lazell, Perkins & Co., Bridgewater Leonard Elmer, Bridgewater Leonard G. F., Bridgewater Munroe D. B., Bridgewater Pratt Edwin, Bridgewater Southern Cotton Gin Co., Bridgewater Townsend J. P., Bridgewater Union Machine Co, Bridgewater Bates Martin S., Hanover Merrill Isaac G., Hanover Bates Caleb, (bolt machines) Kingston Ripley C. M., Kingston Snell E. T. & Co., North Bridgewater Plymouth Mills, J Farris, Agent, Plymouth Shipman Geo. West Bridgewater Marble Workers (See also Stone Cutters) Fitzgerald, W. H., Abington Clapp Geo. H., Hanover Bowker Davis W., Kingston Bryant Geo. W. & Co., North Bridgewater Clark Robert, Plymouth Leonard Thomas, Wareham Masons  Bennett Nathaniel, Abington Faunce Ichabod, Abington Faunce Quincy, Abington Loring Edward S., Bridgewater Perkins Simeon, Bridgewater Standish Job, Bridgewater Barstow Henry, Duxbury Barstow Charles, Joppa, E. Bridgewater Harris Seth L., Hanover Everson B., Hanson Harris Seth L., Hanson Stetson H. James, Kingston Vail Wm. Marion Sturtevant N. C., Mattapoisett Thompson Martson, Middleboro Vaughn Harrison, Middleboro Washburn Solomon, Middleboro Vaughn John G., Middleboro Elbridge Davis, North Bridgewater Hall Domino, Bridgewater Jackson Ephraim, Bridgewater Mason Charles, Bridgewater Churchill Thomas, Plymouth Dunham...

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1867 Plymouth County Massachusetts Directory, Oil and Candle Manufacturers to Pump Makers

Oil and Candle Manufacturers  Judd L. S., Marion Organ Manufacturers Reynolds P., N. Bridgewater Marston A. B. Campello, Bridgewater Oysters and Refreshments (See Eating Houses) Nash J. E. Abington Douglas W. East Abington Gilman A. N., Bridgewater Fuller John, Bridgewater Hull J. C., Bridgewater Tripp B. F., Middleboro Union Saloon, Middleboro Grover R. B., No. Bridgewater Washburn and Richardson, No. Bridgewater Ballard S. D., Plymouth Dodge J. E., Plymouth Painters Carriage  Peirce Wm. M., Abington Ford B. F. East Abington Bates Asa, South Abington Hersey David A. Hingham Sprague Joseph T., Hingham Eldridge David, Kingston Boomer B. L., Middleboro Southworth Rodney E., Middleboro Sparrow J. G., North Bridge water Jones John B., North Bridge water Sargent Samuel, Bridge water Thomas William E., Bridge water Jones Charles L., Plymouth Young Charles, Scituate Young Edw., Scituate Painters (House and Sign) Davis W. H.. Abington French Joseph, Abington Ford B. F., East Abington Gilson L. C., East Abington Lawrence Thomas R., East Abington Lincoln S. B., North Abington Harding J. S., South Abington Beed Philip, South Abington Alden James S., Bridgewater Braman H. F. & J. G., Bridgewater Chandler Alden, Duxbury Hathaway Joshua W., Duxbury Sampson Alfred, Duxbury Grow & Wentworth, East Bridgewater Bonney E. P., Halifax Cook John, Halifax Bailey Melzer, Hanover Bryant Snow, Hanover Corbin Frank, Hanover Eells John P., Hanover Sturtevant George, Hanover Roberts John C., Hanson Cobb David, Hingham Cross and...

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1867 Plymouth County Massachusetts Directory, Rivet Manufacturers to Surveyors

Rivet Manufacturers Cobb Benj. & Co., Kingston Old Colony Rivet Co., Hall Bros. & Co., Plymouth Cobb & Drew, Plymouth Plymouth Tack and Rivet Works, Samuel Loring, propr., Plymouth Plymouth Mills, J. Farris, Agent, Plymouth Rolling Mills (See also Iron Manufacturers) Lazell, Perkins & Co., Bridgewater Rogers & Sheldon, East Bridgewater Robinson Iron Co., Plymouth Wood N. & Co., Plymouth Sawing and Planing Mills  Gurney D.B., Abington Reed B. & T. & S. East Abington Reed A. S. & Co., North Abington Packard E. & Co. North Bridgewater Barnes E. & J. C., Plymouth Cole & Jenkins, Scituate Saw Mills (See also Shingle and Box Mills) Dunbar, Hobart & Whidden, South Abington Hollingsworth Lyman, Bridgewater Holmes Jacob, Carver Savery Wm. (steam) Carver Ward Benjamin, Carver Cole H. G. & Co., North Carver Shurtleff L. & Co., South Carver Chandler C. H., W. Duxbury Keen Isaac, Duxbury Peterson Stephen, Duxbury Carver E. & Co., Halifax Brooks John, Hanover Gardner Thomas J., Hanover Bourne William, Hanson Gushing Elijah, Hanson Hobart & Harding, Hanson Monroe Ethan, Hanson Hathaway Alex., Marion Hiller Barnabas, Marion Parlow Brothers, Marion Chandler Simeon B., Marshfield Dunham H. C., Marshfield Hatch Samuel, Marshfield Bolles Solomon E., Mattapoisett Dexter E. & Son, Mattapoisett Ellis Jarvis, Mattapoisett Ellis Thomas, Mattapoisett Tinkham Abraham, Mattapoisett Tinkham Clark, Mattapoisett Tinkham Isaac, Mattapoisett Town Mills, Mattapoisett Cox George, Middleboro Harlow Ivory H, Middleboro Namasket Man. Co., Middleboro...

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1867 Plymouth County Massachusetts Directory, Hair Dressers to House Furnishing Goods

Hair Dressers  Bond John S., Abington Hobson R., East Abington, Abington Butler J. H., South Abington, Abington Reiser Wm. H., Bridgewater Chandler Harvey, East Bridgewater Clary George E., Hingham Sylvester S. H., Middleboro Barden W. H., North Bridgewater Buckley D. J., Bridgewater Jacobs W. H., Bridgewater Taylor Clary, Bridgewater Frink C. H., Plymouth Holmes W. S., Plymouth Spear Thomas, Plymouth Whitney Joseph B., Plymouth Turner William H., Wareham Hammer Manuf. Morton E. S., Plymouth Hardware and Cutlery Ripley William, Abington Cloud H. H., No. Abington, Hobart Caleb, Bridgewater Wilder Isaac M., Hanover Burges & Bailey, Kingston Hunt and Sampson, Kingston Atsatt E. S., Mattapoisett Doane Geo. H., Middleboro Southworth & Noyes, North Bridgewater Woodbridge E. H., Bridgewater Drew Wm. R., Plymouth Whitten & Holmes, Plymouth Bent I. B., Wareham Perkins Charles, West Bridgewater Harness Makers  Folsom H., Abington Brewster H. O., E. Abington, Abington Calkins J. H., N. Abington, Abington Powuall George, Abington Rogers R. S., Bridgewater Swift J. W., Duxbury Gilbert Wm. J.. East Bridgewater Hersey David A., Hingham Stetson Joseph, Kingston Shiverick Wm., Middleboro Bird L. T., North Bridgewater Flagg Wm. H., Bridgewater Bonney J. D., Pembroke Whitman Chas., Pembroke Bartlett Edward, Plymouth Hathaway Edward, Plymouth Jackson Wm. H., Plymouth Bradley Horace, South Scituate Crocker Walton N., Wareham Loring William G., Wareham Hats, Caps & Furs Estes & Whiting, E. Abington, Abington Frindsdokf Edward, Hanover Whiton E....

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1867 Plymouth County Massachusetts Directory, Gas Light Companies to Gun Smiths

Gas Light Companies  Middleboro. Incorp. 1856. Capital $5,000. Proprietor. Nahum D. Wilbar. North Bridgewater. Incorp. 1859. Capital, $16,000. Treas., H. W. Robinson; Supt. J. R. Perkins. Plymouth. Incorp. 1858. Capital, $40,000. Pres., Winslow Drew; Treas. Wm. S. Danforth. General Agency  Holmes Lewis J. Bridgewater Gas Fitters and Fixtures  Drew Wm. R., Plymouth Gents’ Furnishing Goods  Estes & Whiting, Abington Sherman B., Abington Burges & Bailey, Kingston Hunt & Sampson, Kingston Toole M., Middleboro Brett H. A., North Bridgewater Bryant G. E. & H. I., Bridgewater Kingman & Hollywood, Bridgewater Scott Walter, Bridgewater Glaziers Points Manufacturers  Wood N. & Co., Plymouth Grist Mills Beals N. A. jr., East Abington, Abington Reed A. S. & Co., N. Abington, Abington Career J. E. & Co. Bridgewater Atwood Bartlett S., Carver Perkins Alvin, Carver Cushman Stephen, South Carver, Carver Richards E. E. East Bridgewater Keen Sam’l. Joppa, East Bridgewater Prior Allen, Duxbury E. Carver Co., Halifax Gardner Thomas, Hanover Cashing Elisha, Hanson Cashing T. & G., Hanson Howland C. L., Hanson Munroe Ethan, Hanson Whiton Bela, Hingham Hinds Sumner, Lakeville Dean Joshna W., Marion Hiller Barnabas, Marion Dunham H. C., Marshfield Hatch Samuel, Marshfield Lewis Charles, Marshfield Little Wm F. & S., Marshfield Hatch Ichabod West Marshfield Bolles Solomon E., Mattapoisett Cowen Abner P., Mattapoisett Dexter E & Son, Mattapoisett Tinkham Abraham, Mattapoisett Town Mills, Mattapoisett Namasket Manuf. Co., Middleboro French Merritt, Bridgewater...

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1867 Plymouth County Massachusetts Directory, Eating Houses to Furniture Manufacturers

Eating Houses (See also Oysters & Refreshments) Edge Tool Manufacturers  Jacobs Jos & Son, Hingham Embroidery Stamping Thomas B. O., North Bridgewater Expresses Abington, Ford, 3 Washington St. Boston Bridgewater, Alden, 5 Congress sq. Campello, Hancock, 5 Congress sq. Campello, K. B. Kinsley, 11 State East Abington, Randall, 3 Washington East Bridgewater, Sampson & Co., 5 Congress sq. East Pembroke, Alden 5 Congress sq. Halifax, Rich & Weston, 6 Congress sq. Hanover, Randall, 3 Washington Hanover, Jones, 5 Congress sq. Hanson, Rich & Weston, 5 Congress sq. Hanson, Brooks, 34 Court sq Hingham, Cushing, 3 Washington Hingham, Kennerson, 8 Court sq Joppa Village, Sampson & Co., 5 Congress square Kingston, Brooks, 31 Court sq Marion, Paulding 11 State Marion and New Bedford, J, B. Barden Marion and New Bedford, S. C. Leonard Marshfield, Hatch, 40 Elm Marshfield, Foster, 40 Elm Mattapoisett, Paulding, 11 State Middleboro, K. B. Kinsley, 11 State Middleboro, Taunton and Providence, Davenport & Mason So. Bridgewater, Hancock, 3 Wash. No. Bridgewater, Joslyn, 8 Court sq No. Duxbury, Alden, 5 Congress sq No. Scituate, Hunt, 40 Elm Pembroke, Randall, 3 Washington Plympton, Rich & Weston, 5 Congress sp Plymouth, Rich & Weston, 5 Cong, sq Plymouth, Holmes, 8 Court sq Scituate, Beal, 11 State Scituate, Hatch, 40 Elsa Scituate, Hunt, 40 Kim Scotland, Leonard, 98 Washington So. Abington, Weston, 3 Washington So. Hingham, Gardner, 3 Washington So. Scituate, Foster, 40...

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1867 Plymouth County Massachusetts Directory, Country Stores

Where is kept a general assortment of Dry Goods, Groceries, Agricultural Implements, Hardware, &c. Those dealing in only one kind of goods will be found under their respective heading. Faxon B. E., Abington Loud Alden S., Abington Soule & Brown, Abington Whitmarsh Z. N., Abington Bigelow David, East Abington, Abington Curtis Abner, East Abington, Abington Torrey D. & E. P., East Abington, Abington Ford James, North Abington, East Abington, Abington Gleason & Greenwood, East Abington, Abington Sprague Elbridge, Abington, Abington Cook Randall, South Abington, Abington Dyer N. N., South Abington, Abington Perry Daniel jr., South Abington, Abington Crane Joshua E., Bridgewater Crocker T. W. & Co., Bridgewater Hobart Caleb, Bridgewater Ellis M. & Co. South Carver, Carver Rider Charles, South Carver, Carver Savery Wm. S. North Carver, Carver Ford N. & Sons, Duxbury Protective Union Div. 654, Duxbury Sampson John, Duxbury Soule Harvey, Duxbury Wadsworth Henry, Duxbury Chandler Charles Co., W. Duxbury High Street Union Store, W. Duxbury Conant John A., East Bridgewater Hicks Jotham, Bridgewater Nutter I. N. & E. W. Bridgewater Rosenfield G., Bridgewater Churchill L. & W. K. Joppa, Bridgewater Richard Luther, Bridgewater Drew James T. Halifax Inglee Edwin, Halifax Fuller N., Halifax Bates John B. Hanover Blanchard Ebenezer, Hanover Brooks John S., Hanover Curtis Henry J., Hanover Curtis Robert S., Hanover Magoun H. B., Hanover Stetson I. G., Hanover Wilder I. M., Hanover Wool Alexander,...

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1867 Plymouth County Massachusetts Directory, Cabinet Makers to Crockery and China

Cabinet Makers (See also Furniture) Willey C. B. Abington Holbrook Loring, S. Abington, Hobart S. L. Hingham Hudson Augustus L., Hingham Leavitt A. L., Hingham Ripley & Newhall, Hingham Cushman Edwin, Kingston Nelson Thomas, Mattapoisett Raymond C., Plymouth Carpenters and Builders  Brown Bela, Abington Keen George, Abington Nash William, Abington Singleton Richard, N. Abington, Abington Bates Cyrus, S., Abington, Abington Healy Oliver G., S. Abington, Abington Keith Ambrose, Bridgewater Burt George K., Bridgewater Howland Robert, Bridgewater Keith Lloyd, Bridgewater Leach James C., Bridgewater Wadsworth Dura, Bridgewater Harlow Benjamin, S. Carver, Carver Sherman Joseph, S. Carver, Carver Parsons C. D. N., N. Carver, Carver Sherman Joseph R., N. Carver, Carver Southworth Thomas, N. Carver, Carver Loudon George, Duxbury Weston James M., Duxbury Bonney Charles H., East Bridgewater Jackson Abner C., East Bridgewater Leonard Hermon, East Bridgewater Holmes Darius E., Halifax Thompson Albert, Halifax Damon Thomas, Hanover Hollis Silas, Hanover Studley George, Hanover Turner S. S., Hanover Loring Joseph S., Hanson Taft Andrew J., Hanson Josselyn Benj. W. S. Hanson, Hanson Ramsdell Sam’l D., S. Hanson, Hanson Bailey S. G. & Son, Hingham Cushing Allyne, Hingham Foster William, Hingham Lincoln T.H., Hingham Nelson Wm. J., Hingham Pearce John W., Hingham Ripley Justin, Hingham Sprague Timothy, Hingham Bartlett Walter S, Kingston Drew C. Jr., Kingston Faunce George, Kingston Holmes Joseph, Kingston Holmes Stephen, Kingston Ripley Lewis, Kingston Waterman E. E., Kingston Briggs Joseph H....

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