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1867 Hingham Massachusetts Directory

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Adams George, shoe cutter r North
Adams George M. shoemaker, r Hull
Anderson Miles D, mariner, r Beal
Andrews Benjamin, clerk, South
Andrews Henry, gentleman r Whiting
Andrews John, gentleman r Whiting

Bailey Caleb, livery stable, Summer
Baker James L. merchant (Boston), bds Main
Baker John, gentleman, r Main
Ballentine William, rope maker, r Cedar
Barnard John, variety and fancy goods North
Barnes Benjamin, farmer, r North
Barnes Caleb H. house-carpenter, r East
Barnes Edwin, carpenter, r Summer
Barnes George, carpenter, r North
Barnes Henry, farmer, r Weir
Barnes Isaac, gentleman, r Summer
Barnes James, shoemaker, r Hull
Barnes Kilburn W. farmer, r Summer
Barnes Lemuel, laborer, bds North
Barnes Lincoln, iron moulder, r Weir
Barnes Lyman, cooper, r Main
Barrett Michael, farmer, r North
Barry John, peddler, r Hobart
Barry Patrick, currier r, r High
Barry Patrick, laborer, r Friend
Barry William, laborer, r Friend
Barstow Joseph O. shoemaker bds North
Barstow Samuel B. boot maker, r North
Bartlett Daniel, bucket maker, r Main
Bartlett L. A. Mrs. dry good, r North
Bassett Caleb, vest maker, r North
Bassett Charles H. clerk, bds Main
Bassett Daniel, coal and wood dealer, r Summer
Bassett George, livery stable, Elm cor. Main
Bassett George L. clerk, bds Elm cor. Main
Bassett John, real estate agent, Boston, r North
Batcheldor John B. cooper, r Main
Bates Amos, gentleman, r Main
Bates Amos B. (Whitcomb & Bates), boot and shoe manuf. r Main
Bate Benjamin, shoemaker, r Whiting
Bates David, shoemaker, r Hersey
Bates David F. box maker, bds Hersey
Bates De Witt C. school teacher, r East
Bates E. shoemaker, r High
Bates George H. boot and shoe manuf. r Ship
Bates Joseph H. shoemaker, bds Hersey
Bates Urban, shoemaker, r Hersey
Bates William, shoemaker, r Hersey
Battles Martin, laborer, r Fort Hill
Bayley George, house carpenter, r Main
Bayley Samuel G. house carpenter, r .Main
Beach Ambrose, shoemaker, r .Summer
Beal Abner L. farmer, r Hull
Beal Caleb, merchant, Boston, r Lincoln
Beal Caleb salesman, Boston, bds Hall
Beal Christopher, laborer, r East
Beal Daniel, farmer, r Hull
Beal Edwin H. shoemaker, r Garden
Beal Edwin W. shoemaker, bds Hull
Beal Elijah, mariner, r North
Beal James, farmer, r East
Beal James S. house-carpenter, r Main
Beal John, shoemaker, r North
Beal Laban, shoemaker, r Hull
Beal Leavitt, shoemaker, r North
Heal Lewis, shoemaker, r Hull
Beal Luther W shoemaker, r East
Beal Martin, shoemaker, r Hull
Beal Robert, laborer, r Middle
Heal Wilder F. merchant, Boston, bds East
Beal William, mariner, r summer
Bender John, farmer, r Beal
Bicknell Ezra, shoemaker, r Fort Hill
Bicknell Ezra L. shoemaker, r Fort Hill
Bicknell Lincoln B. farmer, bds West
Bicknell Quincy, farmer, r West
Binney Henry, farmer, r Fort Hill
Blanchard Alvin, fanner, r Pleasant
Blanchard Alvin jr., shoemaker, bds Pleasant
Blossom E. D. carpenter, bds Main
Blossom Edward C. painter, r Main
Blossom Thomas D. (Blossom & Easterbrook, printers, r Main
Booth Curtis, rope maker, r South
Booth William, rope maker, bds South
Botting Fielder, shoemaker, r Leavitt
Botting Fielding jr., shoemaker r Leavitt
Boullard Joel S. shoe manuf. r South
Bowditch William W. butcher, r Main
Bowker Perez Cr. mason, r Main
Braintle Lorenzo, laborer, r Hersey
Branch Charles, laborer, r Hersey
Breen John, farmer, Crow Point Lane
Brendly Lawrence, laborer, r Elm
Brett Marcena, mason, r Prospect
Brown Benjamin F. (Burr Brown & Co.) r Boston
Bronsdon James E. farmer, bds South
Bronsdon Samuel, musician, r South
Buck Cyrus M. farmer, r Lazel
Bullard Joel S. (Whiton & Bullard,) r South
Bullen Garason, mariner, r North
Burbank Abraham, farmer, r East
Burbank Ephraim, house carpenter, r South
Burbank Samuel, farmer, r Jones
Burch Richard, farmer, r Beal
Burdenshaw Henry. Cooper, r North
Burke John, laborer, r Main
Burns John, laborer, r Elm
Burns Michael, laborer, r Elm
Burr Arthur A. draughtsman, Boston, r Leavitt
Burr Charles T. Supt. Tassel Factory
Burr Daniel, farmer, r South
Burr David, teamster, r Back
Burr Elijah W. (Burr, Brown & Co.) manuf. of tassels, r South
Burr Elisha, boot and shoe maker, r Leavitt
Burr Fearing, (F. Burr & Co.) dry goods and groceries, r Main
Burr Jacob, (M. H. & J Burr) bds Main
Burr John W. shoemaker, bds Leavitt
Burr Lincoln, tailor, r Leavitt
Burr Matthew H. (M. H. & J. Burr) r Main
Burr Peter, (F. Burr & Co.) dry goods and groceries, r Main
Burr Pyam C. box manuf. r Leavitt
Burr Samuel, farmer, bds Main
Burr Seth L. blacksmith, r Main
Burrell Jotham, teamster, r Summer
Burrell J. Webster, shoe manuf. r Fort Hill
Burrell Stephen, farmer, r Friend
Burrell Lemuel, laborer, r South
Burrell Martin, shoemaker, r Fort Hill
Burrell Warren, shoemaker, r High
Buttemore John, gardner, r Summer
Buttemore Thomas, gardner, r Summer
Byrnes Michael, r Elm
Byrnes Patrick, rope maker, bds Hersey

Cabot Frederick S. merchant, Boston, r Lincoln
Cain Alphonzo, boot maker, bds North
Cain Daniel, shoemaker, r Fort Hill
Cain David, grocer, r South
Cain Eben W. expressman, r Fort Hill
Cain Joseph, cordwainer, r Fort Hill
Cain Leonard, boot maker, r North
Gain Leonard O. boot and shoe manuf. r South
Cain Thomas, house carpenter, r Pleasant
Caldwell Calvin, cabinet maker, r Hersey
Callahan Dennis, laborer, r Main
Callahan John H. farmer, r Main
Campbell Charles, nail maker, bds Fort Hill
Carter James D. cooper, r Hull
Carter William M. mariner, r Fort Hill
Carver Justin A. shoemaker, r Whiting
Caryl Aaron, farmer, r Back
Casey John, gardner r Green
Casey Jonas A. rope maker, r Hersey
Casey Michael, laborer, r. Summer
Casey Richard, laborer, bds Hersey
Cazneau Edward, cabinet maker, r South
Chamberlain Artemus W. gentleman, r Hersey
Chamberlain George A. W. lawyer, r Hersey
Chamberlain Kinsman S. cabinet maker, r Fort Hill
Champlin David H. shoemaker, r Summer
Chandler Martin, photographer, r South
Childs James, ship carpenter, r Water
Chittenden Israel, silk cord maker, South
Chubbuck Annis, shoemaker, r Garden
Chubbuck Eleazer, farmer, r Garden
Chubbuck Eleazer jr., shoemaker, r Garden
Chubbuck Washington, shoemaker, r Garden
Clapp Michael T. bucket maker, r High
Clark Andrew J. silk cord maker bd North
Clark Melzar W. baker, r North
Clement James F. lumber dealer, r Summer
Clery George C. hair dresser, r North
Cloudman Marcellus, boot and shoe manufacturer, r Short
Cloudman M. C. (Hutchings & Cloudman), boots and shoes, r Leavitt
Cobb David, house painter, r Summer
Cobb Elisha, fisherman, r North
Cobb Silas H. engineer, r North
Colbarth Charlie stone mason, r East
Coleman John, laborer, r Green
Condon B. laborer, r Prospect
Condon William, teamster, r Green
Cook Charles K. blacksmith, r Main
Copeland Charles U. boot maker, r Fort Hill
Corbett Charles, house carpenter, bds Summer
Corbett John M. clerk, Boston, bds South
Corcoran Patrick, laborer, r Hersey
Corcoran Thomas, blacksmith, r Whiting
Corthell Elijah C. box maker, r Hersey
Corthell Elijah L. box maker, bds Main
Corthell Gustavus P. cooper, r Hersey
Corthell John, merchant Boston bds Leavitt
Corthell Levi, gentleman, r Back
Corthell Loving, trader, r Main
Corthell Nelson, cooper, r Hersey
Corthell Reuben H. foreman Hingham Wooden ware manuf. r Main
Coughlin James, tanner, r High
Coughlin William, currier, r High
Couguilian Matthew, laborer, r Thaxter
Craig Matthew, laborer, bds Hersey
Crane Lawrence, laborer
Crane Patrick, laborer, r Summer
Crehan Lawrence, teamster, r Elm
Creswell James, laborer, r Green
Creswell John, shoemaker, r Leavitt
Crocker Ellery C. clerk, bds Fort Hill
Crocker Ezra, machinist, r Leavitt
Crosby Alanson, shoemaker, r Leavitt
Crosby Joshua, farmer, r Lazel
Crosby Joshua, jr., shoemaker, r Scotland
Crosby Saml T. jeweler, Boston, r North
Cross Moses, housepainter, (Cross ยง Lane) r Main
Crowe .John, iron moulder, r Hersey
Churchill Jesse, woodturner, r Hersey
Churchill Moses, shoemaker, r North
Curtis Samuel C. patternmaker, r Main
Cushing Allyne, house-carpenter. Water
Cushing Alonzo, dry goods and groceries, r Main
Cushing Andrew, farmer, t Main
Cushing Andrew C. merchant, Boston, r Main
Cushing Caleb, farmer, r Main
Cushing Charles Q. farmer, r Main
Cushing Charles. W. farmer, r Main
Gushing David, farmer, r Pleasant
Cushing David, lumber dealer, r North
Cushing David jr., expressman, r Main
Cushing David, lumber dealer, r Summer
Cushing Delmont O. carpenter, r Whiting
Cushing Edmund, harness maker, v Main
Cushing E. L. (foreman A, Loring) r Main
Cushing E. S. shoemaker, r Main
Cushing Ferdinand, farmer, v South Pleasant
Cushing George, gentleman, r Main
Cushing George, stage driver, r Main
Cushing George L, shoe cutter, bds Back
Cashing George P, clerk, r Main
Cushing George R. shoemaker, r Main
Cushing George R. (Cushing & Kelly) Shoe stitcher, bds Main
Cushing George W. gentleman, r Main
Cushing Henry, farmer bds High
Cushing Henry, harness maker, r Main
Cushing Henry B, butcher, bds Main
Cushing Isaac, carpenter, r Main
Cushing Jacob, farmer, bds Pleasant
Cushing James, farmer, r South Pleasant
Cushing John, boot and shoe maker, r Main
Cushing John Q. shoemaker, r High
Cushing Laban, farmer, r South Pleasant
Cushing Leonard, farmer, r Main
Cushing Loring H. shoemaker, r High
Cushing Pyam, bucket maker, r Main
Cushing Stephen laborer, r So. Pleasant
Cushing Theopholis, farmer, r Main
Cushing W. A. (Cushing & Kelly) shoe manuf. bds Main
Cushing William, painter, r Main
Cushing William C. shoemaker, r North
Cushing William G. bucket maker, r Main
Cushing W. G. jr. shoemaker r Main

Daley John, laborer, bds Beal
Daley Daniel, laborer, r Summer
Daley James M. (Daly & Rolfe), r Boston
Daley John, laborer, r Thaxter
Daley Patrick, farmer, r Beal
Damon Galen F. cabinet maker, r Back
Damon Isaac, harness maker, r South
Damon Isaac N. blacksmith^ r Water
Damon John J. farmer, r Main
Datha Timothy, laborer, r New Bridge
Davis William, pump and block maker, r Summer
Davis W. K. laborer, r High
Dawes John G. shoemaker, r North
Dawes John P. mason, r North
Dawes William L. boot and shoemaker, bds North
Dayton Bela, fisherman, r Wear
Dean George H. paper dealer, r South
Dolan Patrick, laborer, r Ship
Donavan Bartholomew, boot maker, r Summer
Donavan James, laborer, r Green
Doiiav4n Patrick, laborer, bds Fort Hill
Dower James, rope maker, r Hersey
Downer George, laborer, r Main
Downey John, laborer, r Hersey
Drezil Thomas, laborer, r Hobart
Dunbar A. W. currier, r Main
Dunbar John M. shoemaker, r Main
Dunbar Eleazar P. merchant, Boston, r Fort Hill
Dunbar George, shoemaker, bds Main
Dunbar Martin D. shoemaker, r South
Dunbar Seth, boot and shoemaker, r Main
Dunbar William, laborer, r Summer
Dunn Alexander, currier, r So. Pleasant
Dunn Cornelius, laborer, r North
Dunn John, laborer, r Friend
Dunn Thomas, laborer, r Friend
Durgan Nathan, farmer, v Main
Dyer Solomon L. shoemaker, r North

Easterbrook Joseph, (Blossom & Easterbrook) printers, r Elm
Easterbrook Samuel, grocer, Cottage
Easterbrook Samuel IJ . clerk, bds Cottage
Eastman Herman R. W. trader, r Hersey
Eaton Osgood, boot and shoe manuf. r Hull
Edes Robert T. physician, bds North
Eldridge Charles H. iron moulder, r Green
Eldridge John C. house painter, r South
Eldridge John W. house painter, r South
Eldridge Reuben, grocer, r Green
Ewell Charles F. carpenter, r Main
Ewell Walter H, carpenter, r Main

Fanning James, laborer, bds East
Farmer, Jedediah; printer, r North
Farwell Samuel, alms house keeper, r Beal
Foe James, laborer, Crow Point Lane
Fee John, laborer, r Thaxter
Fee Patrick, hostler, r Cedar
Fee Patrick, laborer, t Pleasant
Pee Thomas, stone mason, r Cedar
Fearing Abel, shoemaker, r Lazel
Fearing Albert, merchant, Boston, r North
Fearing Andrew, farmer, r Lazel
Fearing David, Treas. Hingham Cordage Company, r Main
Fearing David jr., yeoman, r Main
Fearing Eben, bucket maker, r Main
Fearing E. C. (Hutchings & Chadman), shoemaker, bds Union
Fearing Henry, blacksmith, r High
Fearing John, farmer, r Lazell
Fearing Lincoln, agent. Hingham woodenware Co. r Main
Fearing Martin, gentleman, r Main
Fearing Morris, farmer, r Main
Fearing S. L. farmer, r Lazel
Fearing Thomas, farmer, r Free
Fearing Thomas, jr., shoemaker, r Free
Fearing ‘William, laborer, r Main
Fearing William, 2d, groceries and drugs, r Main
Fletcher Henry L. nail maker, r Fort Hill
Flint Willard, upholster, r West
Flynn Dennis, farmer, r Green
Foley Cornelius, laborer Crow Point lane
Ford James, laborer, r Hersey
Ford Joshua, currier, r Main
Fortler Peter, farmer, r Beal
Foster William, house-carpenter, r Water
French Brosard, tape maker, r Lincoln
French Ezra, shoemaker, r South
French George, jr., shoemaker, r South
French Thomas L. shoemaker, bds North
French James R. carpenter r North
French Joseph H. b4ot and shoe dealer, bds Main
French Levi, house-carpenter, r North
French Nathaniel, mariner, r Main
Fuller George E. Rev. r Fort Hill
Fuller John E. publisher, r South
Fuller Tilson, clerk, Bank, r Water

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