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1867 Scituate Massachusetts General Directory

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Allen George O. farmer
Allen George M. farmer
Allen Milner J.
Allen Wm. P. trader
Anderson Alexander, mariner
Anderson Alexander B. draw tender
Andrews Christopher A. A. laborer
Arnold George, shoemaker

Bailey Charles E. trader
Bailey Edwin, farmer
Bailey George W. shoe manuf.
Bailey James A. shoemaker
Bailey James J. coppersmith
Bailey John W. farmer
Bailey Joseph, carpenter
Bailey Jotham W. shoe manuf.
Bailey Noah C. shoemaker
Bailey Sewall, farmer
Bailey Thomas O. shoemaker
Bailey Thomas T. carpenter
Bailey Thomas T. trader
Bailey Waterman, trader
Bailey William C. mariner
Barker Samuel P. jr., farmer
Bates Andrew, shoemaker
Bates Caleb, fisherman
Bates Caleb, 2d, fisherman
Bates Charles, farmer
Bates Coleman, fisherman
Bates George H. farmer
Bates Joseph N. fisherman
Bates Peter E. fisherman
Bates Reuben C. fisherman
Bates Reuben S. shoemaker
Bates Thomas C. fisherman
Bates William, fisherman
Beal Caleb, mason
Beal John, farmer
Bearse Ebenezer, laborer
Bearse Ebenezer, jr., peddler
Bearse Tobias, shoemaker
Bowditch Edwin, stage driver
Bonney Edward H. fish dealer
Bonney Sylvanus R. painter
Bradford Charles, shoemaker
Bradford John, shoemaker
Briggs Albert K. farmer
Briggs Barnabas W. shipwright
Briggs David, farmer
Briggs James S. shipwright
Briggs Joseph O. shipwright
Briggs Otis, farmer
Briggs Shadrach, farmer
Broughton Daniel, mariner
Brown Benjamin, laborer
Brown Benjamin, jr., trader
Brown Charles, laborer
Brown Charles E. mason
Brown Elisha L. shoemaker
Brown George H. ship carpenter
Brown George W. mariner
Brown Henry, shoemaker
Brown Henry L. shoemaker
Brown John, copper
Brown Joseph, farmer
Brown Joseph, jr., shoemaker
Brown Lewis, shoemaker
Brown Moses L. caulker and graver
Brown Samuel, farmer
Brown Warren L. shoemaker
Brown William, farmer
Brown William F. farmer
Bruce James K. mariner
Bryant Gridley, architect
Burrows William T. stage driver
Butterly Christopher, mosser
Butterly Joseph, mosser

Chandler Judah, gentleman
Chandler Seth, blacksmith
Chubbuck Francis G. mason
Clapp Albert, farmer
Clapp Alfred, mason
Clapp Allen, farmer
Clapp Caleb N. mariner
Clapp Chandler, farmer
Clapp Charles W. shoemaker
Clapp Elijah, blacksmith
Clapp Elijah T. blacksmith
Clapp Harvey, farmer
Clapp Henry,, trader
Clapp Henry T. miller
Clapp Joseph, laborer
Clapp Luther L. shoemaker
Clapp Rufus, farmer
Clapp Thomas, farmer
Clapp William O. clerk
Cole Andrew, shipwright
Cole Augustus, farmer
Cole Augustus, jr., farmer
Colo Enoch, farmer
Cole George E. farmer
Cole George H. shipwright
Cole Henry O. engineer
Cole Joseph O. clerk
Cole Thomas O. carpenter
Coleman Joseph, shoemaker
Coleman Moses B. carpenter
Coleman Moses R. master mariner
Conroy John, mosser
Cook Francis, mariner
Cook Russell, trader
Cook Samuel W. shoemaker
Conant Thomas, clergyman
Cordis Thomas F.
Cottle Charles, miller
Cudworth James W. farmer
Cudworth Israel, carpenter
Cummings Edward, mosser
Curtis Asa F. farmer
Curtis Eli, farmer
Curtis George L. carpenter
Curtis Harvey, farmer
Curtis Henry N. shoemaker
Curtis Job E. shoemaker
Curtis Lewis N. teamster
Curtis Luther, farmer
Curtis Norton, shoemaker
Curtis Roswell, shoemaker
Curtis Rufus, peddler
Curtis Thomas, farmer
Curtis Shadrach B. mariner
Curtis Shadrach B, jr., farmer
Cushing Frederick, shipwright
Cushing John P. farmer
Cushing Nathaniel G. farmer

Damon Caleb L. shoemaker
Damon Charles H. farmer
Damon Davis J. farmer
Damon Franklin, lumber dealer
Damon George W. farmer
Damon Henry, farmer
Damon Henry B. farmer
Damon Henry C. farmer
Damon Isaac B. farmer
Damon Israel, farmer
Damon James, farmer
Damon John, farmer
Damon John B. farmer
Damon John M. farmer
Damon Joseph, farmer
Damon Marcus M. mason
Damon Marsena, shipwright
Damon Virgil, blacksmith
Damon William, farmer
Doane Horace, farmer
Doherty Cornelius, farmer
Doherty George, mosser
Doherty John, mosser
Dolby James T. shoemaker
Dolby John, carpenter
Drew Joseph S. shipwright
Drew Theodore C. clerk
Dunbar Atwood L. laborer
Dunbar Cyrus H. mariner
Dunn Michael, mosser
Dunn Patrick, mosser

Edson James, shoemaker
Elliott George W. slop work agent
Ellms Charles, farmer
Ellms Charles O. farmer
Ellms Daniel, farmer
Ellms John B. farmer
Ellms Joseph, farmer
Ellms Melzar J. peddler
Ellms Noah, laborer
Ellms Otis J. farmer
Ellms Robert, farmer
Ellms William, fisherman

Farrar Allen, farmer
Farrar Allen, jr., laborer
Ferguson Charles M. shoemaker
Ferguson William, farmer
Fittz Luke G. shoemaker
Fogg George P. farmer
Ford Daniel, trader
Ford Peleg, shipwright

Gannett Freeman, farmer
Gannett Freeman H. farmer
Gannett Joseph, farmer
Gardner Enoch C. painter
Gardner Frederick U. shoemaker
Gilbert Alanson A. C. merchant
Glines Isaac, farmer
Gray Anthony, shoemaker

Hatch Daniel, jr., farmer
Hatch Thomas- M, farmer
Hammond Frederick sexton
Harrub Darius; farmer,
Hayes Oliver P. carpenter
Hay ward John, painter
Hayward Ward L. painter
Hayward William S. clergyman
Higgins George O.
Hinckley Eben, mariner
Hoar Matthew, mosser
Hoar Richard, mosser
Holmes Lewis, clergyman
Hobson Andrew J. ‘Carpenter
Hunt Samuel J. stage driver
Hunt William E. shoemaker
Hunt Howland L. shoemaker
Hyland Isaiah, mariner
Hyland Peleg, shoemaker
Hyland Samuel, farmer

Jackson Charles H. shipwright
Jackson Henry T. farmer
Jackson Roland, farmer
Jackson William T. shipwright
James Edward, stage driver
Jenkins Caleb M; shipwright
Jenkins Calvin, shoemaker
Jenkins David S. farmer
Jenkins David S. jr. miller
Jenkins Davis, farmer
Jenkins Edmund B. farmer
Jenkins Elijah,
Jenkins Harvey S. farmer
Jenkins Noah, farmer
Jenkins Perez, master mariner
Jenkins Perez T. farmer
Jones Ezekiel
Jones Ezekiel jr. postmaster
Jelloe Moses, mosser

Langdon Daniel, cooper
Landers Edmund, tailor
Lee Francis B. carpenter
Lee George C. carpenter
Lee Stephen D. trader
Litchfield Abner, farmer
Litchfield Addison J. boat fisher
Litchfield B. B. Winsor, farmer
Litchfield Brigham D. farmer
Litchfield Caleb L. shoemaker
Litchfield Enoch, farmer
Litchfield Francis M. shoemaker
Litchfield Freeman, farmer
Litchfield Galen W. shoemaker
Litchfield George B. shoemaker
Litchfield George E. shoemaker
Litchfield George W. shoemaker
Litchfield Harvey, shipwright
Litchfield Harvey W. artist
Litchfield Horace, carpenter
Litchfield Hosea, farmer
Litchfield Howard, mariner
Litchfield Hubbard, farmer
Litchfield Ira, carpenter
Litchfield Isaac, blacksmith
Litchfield Israel, shoemaker
Litchfield James, farmer
Litchfield James 2d, shoemaker
Litchfield James C. carpenter
Litchfield James S. shoemaker
Litchfield Jarius, farmer
Litchfield John L. shoemaker
Litchfield Joseph, farmer
Litchfield Joseph H. farmer
Litchfield Joseph L. shoemaker
Litchfield Joseph W. shoemaker
Litchfield Justin, shoemaker
Litchfield Laman O. shoemaker
Litchfield Leonard, stage driver
Litchfield Lincoln, farmer
Litchfield Luther, shoemaker
Litchfield Marshall, farmer
Litchfield Marshall, jr., mason
Litchfield Marshall H, farmer
Litchfield Martin, farmer
Litchfield Melvin S. shoe manuf.
Litchfield Milton, farmer-
Litchfield Nymphas, farmer
Litchfield Otis, farmer
Litchfield Paul, farmer
Litchfield Peter, farmer
Litchfield Perez L. shoemaker
Litchfield Reuben D. shoemaker
Litchfield Rufus, farmer
Litchfield Samuel, farmer
Litchfield Seth, blacksmith
Litchfield Stephen, farmer
Litchfield Stillman, farmer
Litchfield Sumner, farmer
Litchfield ______ farmer
Litchfield J. shoemaker
Litchfield ______ carpenter
Litchfield ______ carpenter
Litchfield Walter farmer
Litchfield Ward, farmer
Litchfield Warren, farmer
Litchfield Webster, farmer
Litchfield William, shoemaker
Litchfield William P. shoemaker
Litchfield Zenas H. shoe manuf.
Little Sylveus H. peddler

Mann Reuben, mason
Mann Thomas, farmer
Mann Thomas E. farmer
Manson Ed. S. mariner
Marsh John, shoe cuttter
Mason John, master mariner
Mason John L. master mariner
Mason Wm. C. master mariner
McCarty Dennis, mosser
McLaughlin Hugh, mosser
Merritt Allen, shoemaker
Merritt Allen 2d, shoemaker
Merritt Amos W. shoemaker
Merritt Asa J. carpenter
Merritt Benj. F. mariner
Merritt Cummings J. wheelwright
Merritt Dexter, farmer
Merritt Elisha L. mason
Merritt Freeman, farmer
Merritt George, carpenter
Merritt George W. farmer
Merritt Hatherly, shoemaker
Merritt Henry, carpenter
Merritt Henry 2d, mariner
Merritt Howard, farmer
Merritt Howard J. blacksmith
Merritt Israel, mariner
Merritt James H. farmer
Merritt James L. shoemaker
Merritt John A. farmer
Merritt Joseph E. mason
Merritt Kilborn B. farmer
Merritt Martin D. farmer
Merritt Monroe, shoemaker
Merritt Robert C. mason
Merritt Seth, farmer
Merritt Shadrack Jr. farmer
Merritt William O. jr., shoemaker
Mitchell Archibald, farmer
Mitchell Charles H. farmer
Morris Joseph W. shoemaker
Mott Henry W. mason
Mott Hosea B. painter
Mott Joseph, farmer
Mott Otis, shoemaker
Mott Paul, shoemaker
Mungo Elias B. farmer
Murphy Patrick’, mosser
Murphy Peter, mosser

Nash Ebenezer, cooper
Nason Charles, Clergyman
Neal Thomas, mosser
Newcomb Henry C. shoemaker
Newcomb Jacob C. shoemaker
Newcomb Levi, laborer
Newcomb Silas, shoemaker
Newcomb Thomas J. painter
Newcomb William J. shoe manuf.
Nichols Israel, farmer
Nichols Israel jr. carpenter
Nichols Noah B. farmer
Nichols Noah B. 2d, mason
Nightingale Isaac, butcher
Northy Henry H. farmer
Northy Joseph, farmer
Northy Harvey C. farmer
Nott Asahel F. shoemaker
Nott Hosea D. farmer

Orcutt Hosea V. farmer
Osborn Caleb, shoemaker
Osborn Edward H. shoemaker
Osborn Wm. H. shoemaker
Otis Job P. butcher
Otis John, shoemaker
Otis Joseph, farmer
Otis Thomas, shoemaker

Packard George, mariner
Packard Isaac, wheelwright
Parker Perry L. mariner
Peaks Martin T. shoemaker
Peirce E. Foster, farmer
Peirce John B. mason
Pettis Henry, fisherman
Poole Samuel, shoemaker
Pratt Charles B. fisherman
Pratt Elijah fisherman
Prouty Caleb W. farmer
Prouty James U. fisherman
Prouty James L. 2d, peddler
Prouty John E, O. draw tender
Prouty Thomas L. fisherman

Richardson Geo. L. mariner
Reed Horatio G. civil engineer
Rogers Nathan, farmer
Rogers Patrick, fisherman

Sandborn Fred’ks shoemaker
Sessions Alexander J. clergyman
Sevens Charles P. stitcher
Sherman Israel H. farmer
Sherman Warren H. blacksmith
Sloan John, shoemaker
Smith Charles H. shoemaker
Smith James P. shipwright
Smith John H. trader
Spooner Henry F. fisherman
Spooner Jesse W. fisherman
Stetson Benjamin, farmer
Stetson Cummings, farmer
Stetson George H. shoemaker
Stetson Peleg, shoemaker
Stevens Lewis, master mariner
Stevens Luther, farmer
Stoddard Edwin, fisherman
Stoddard Samu6i” shoemaker
Stoddard Samuel, jr., shoemaker
Stoddard William, shoemaker
Stone Cyrus, clergyman
Studley Bennett D. farmer
Studley Edwin, shoemaker
Studley Henry L. farmer
Studley Homer, farmer
Studley Howland L. farmer
Studley Lewis, carpenter
Studley Libar, carpenter
Supple Edward, mason
Supple Gerritt, mosser
Sylvester Abel, peddler
Sylvester Edmund H. shoemaker
Sylvester Henry H. fisherman

Taylor James, butcher
Taylor John S. peddler
Tilden Christopher, farmer
Tilden David, mason
Tilden James W. farmer.
Tilden John, farmer
Tilden Joseph W. farmer
Tilden Thomas, farmer
Thomas Francis, physician
Thorndyke Artemus, farmer
Thorndyke T. W. farmer
Tobias Edward, mosser
Tuckman David W. farmer
Tuckman Wm. W, shoemaker
Tyrrel George E. teamster
Turner James N. shipwright
Turner John B. farmer
Turner John H. shoemaker
Turner Nathaniel, farmer
Turner Roland, peddler
Turner Samuel H. farmer
Turner William C. shipwright

Varney Fenton W. shoemaker
Varney Nathaniel, shoemaker
Vinal Bailey, farmer
Vinal Charles, farmer
Vinal Charles, 2d, farmer
Vinal Dexter, trader
Vinal Freeman, mason
Vinal George, shoemaker
Vinal Henry F. farmer
Vinal Henry L. farmer
Vinal Henry M. farmer
Vinal Ignatius, laborer
Vinal Jacob, farmer
Vinal Job, farmer
Vinal John, farmer
Vinal Levi, farmer
Vinal Levi, jr., mason
Vinal Leroy farmer
Vinal Lot, trader
Vinal Lot S. farmer
Vinal Lucius H. carpenter
Vinal Nathaniel, shoemaker
Vinal Nathaniel J. farmer
Vinal Stephen D. mariner
Vinal Thomas, farmer
Vinal Warren J. shoemaker

Wade John B. farmer
Wade Nathaniel, jr., mariner
Walker Charles H. fisherman
Wall Walter, farmer
Ward Arthur, mosser
Ward Daniel, mosser
Ward Daniel, jr., mosser
Ward Daniel, 2d, mosser
Ward Dennis, mosser
Ward Edward, mosser
Ward Edward, 2d, mosser
Ward Hugh, mosser
Ward John, mosser
Waterman Andrew J. tinsmith
Watson Galen, shoemaker
Webb Benjamin F. shoemaker
Webb Charles S. shoemaker
Webb Marsena, farmer
Webb Marsena, jr., carpenter
Webb Paul, farmer
Webb Seth, farmer
Webb Stephen, shipwright
Webb Stephen D. shipwright
Webb Thomas K. shoemaker
Welsh E. Parker, farmer
Welsh Michael, farmer
Wetherbee George H. merchant
Wetherbee Thomas, trader
Whearty Nicholas, mosser
Whearty Patrick, mosser
Whittiker Charles H. agent
Whittiker George H. shoemaker
Whitcomb George W. shoemaker
Whitcomb Harvey fisherman
Wilder Benjamin
Witherell Anson, farmer
Witherell Davis C. fireman

Young Charles, painter
Young Edwin, painter
Young George M. mason
Young Henry, shoemaker
Young John H. mason

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