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California Genealogy

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Free California Genealogy Data and Links

  • California Biographies
  • California Cemetery Records
  • California Census Records
  • California Counties
    • Chronological Record of Police Appointments City and County of San Francisco
      This free collection contains three volumes of handwritten manuscripts which depict the chronological record of police appointments for the city and county of San Francisco from Oct 1853 - Nov 1947. They are set up in a ledger format with an index at the front of each volume. The volumes, since they are handwritten, are not searchable.
    • San Francisco Area Funeral Home Records
      Name index and images of funeral home records from the Halsted N. Gray – Carew & English Mortuary Collection, located at the San Francisco Public Library. Images for all years in collection can be browsed, but name index currently covers only years 1896-1931. Collection includes a number of different funeral homes acquired over time by the Halsted N. Gray – Carew & English Mortuary company, most from the San Francisco area, but also including some from Burlingame, Stockton, and Sacramento. The collection includes funeral register books, burial registers, account books, case books, etc. Indexes appear at the beginning of some volumes.
  • California Directories
  • California History
    • 1921 California Automobile Registrations
      A collection of 585,940 California automobile registrations for 1921 as published in 14 volumes, complete with name, address, type of auto and engine number
    • California Goldrush Most Wanted
      This web site is dedicated to the CA-GOLDRUSH mailing list subscribers. It represents our Most Wanted (most elusive, brick wall) ancestors lost in California during the time of the Goldrush 1840s-1880s. The Webmaster of this page does not guarantee the accuracy of the data in the submitter’s queries. The conclusions of the authors are not necessarily those of the webmaster. The right to edit is reserved and in the interest of saving space, mailing headers will be deleted.
    • How to Research Mining Claims
      This special article is published to help our readers conduct research into mining claims for themselves.
    • The Adventures of a Forty-niner
      An Historic Description of California, with Events and Ideas of San Francisco and Its People in Those Early Days, By Daniel Knower. Daniel went to California in 1849 during the start of the gold-rush days. This manuscript provides sketches on events and ideas that he saw, as well as detailing his trek to the gold rush town of Coloma.
    • Old Mission Stories of California
      Of the last six stories comprising the seven in this little collection of Stories of the Old Missions, all but one have, as a basis, some modicum, larger or smaller, of historical fact, the tale of Juana alone being wholly fanciful, although with an historical background. The first story of the series may be considered as introductory to the mission tales proper. In these quiet, unpretending stories the writer has attempted to give a faithful picture of life among the Indians and Spaniards in Nueva California during the early days of the past century.
    • Death Valley In ’49
      Autobiography Of A Pioneer, Detailing His Life From A Humble Home In The Green Mountains To The Gold Mines Of California; And Particularly Reciting The Sufferings Of The Band Of Men, Women And Children Who Gave “Death Valley” Its Name.
    • The Forty-Niners
      A Chronicle of the California Trail and El Dorado, by Stewart Edward White.
    • La Baja California
      Very soon after the conquest of Mexico the attention of Cortez was attracted by certain stories told by some of the conquered tribes regarding a mysterious but wonderful country, lying far to the northwestward. This land they called Ciguatan, or The Realm of Women; and they declared that it abounded in gold, in pearls, rubies, garnets, turquoises, and many other products, rich and precious.
    • Missions of California and the Old Southwest
      In musing over the history of the old Missions, the mind is led to inquire as to the benefits that have been conferred upon mankind by the labors, triumphs and defeat of the padres during their brief sojourn in the Southwest. Through their work was confined to a few heathen tribes, its pure and unselfish purpose and beneficent results cannot be questioned, for these are attested in the annals of those days.
  • Military Records
  • California Native American Records
  • California Vital Records
    • Western States Historical Marriage Records Index
      Over the past decade, the BYU-Idaho (formerly known as Ricks College) Family History Center has been extracting early marriage records from counties in the western part of the United States. Virtually all of the pre-1900 marriages are included in the index for Arizona, Idaho and Nevada. Many Idaho, Nevada and Utah counties have been extracted into the 1930’s and some, much later. A significant number of marriages from Wyoming, eastern Washington, eastern Oregon, western Colorado and selected counties in California are also included. For more details, see “List of Counties by State”.

Free RootsWeb Databases

California Genealogy Databases – Subscription May be Required

Ancestry is the largest provider of genealogy data online. The billions of records they provide have advanced genealogy online beyond imagination just a decade ago. The following is but a small sample of what they provide for California genealogy at Ancestry. While some of these databases are free, many require a subscription. You can try a 14 day free trial and see if you can find any of your California genealogy at Ancestry!

Statewide Genealogy at Ancestry

 California County Resources at Ancestry

 California City and Town Resources at Ancestry

 California Military at Ancestry

California Miscellaneous Items at Ancestry

Additional Offsite Free California Genealogy

United States Genealogy

American History and Genealogy Project

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