Reeds Boot and Shoe Factory of Abington, Massachusetts

Reeds Boot and Shoe Factory of Abington, Massachusetts

This book, was the first attempt at a Directory and History, so far as Plymouth County is concerned. The publisher stated in their introduction that they wished to provide:

A condensed and yet a, comprehensive Historical sketch of each town in the County.

The names, residences and occupations of the voters of the County, as well as & General Business Directory of the same.

A good advertising medium for the business men, both in and out of the County.

Had they realized at the outset the very large outlay of time and money the enterprise would require, they might have shrunk from engaging in it. We historians and genealogists are certainly glad they didn’t! They aimed as far as practical at accuracy of information, but the reader will see that in such & work, dealing as it does mainly with peoples names, there is peculiar liability to error.