John F. Kovar, a well known farmer living on section 27, Caledonia Township, was born January 26, 1877, in the Township in which he still resides, his parents being Frank and Mary (Zachar) Kovar. The father was born in Austria in 1849 and in that country his parents spent their entire lives, but in 1866, when a youth of seventeen years, he crossed the Atlantic to the United States and settled in Racine, where he was employed in a harness store, having previously learned the harness maker’s trade in his native country. He afterward worked on farms as well as at his trade and carefully saved his earnings until his economy and industry had brought him sufficient capital to enable him to purchase land. Although he came to the new world practically penniless, he won a place among the prosperous farmers of his district, his life record showing what can be accomplished when energy and determination point out the way. He was also recognized as a valued citizen in other connections and for four years acceptably filled the office of town treasurer. He wedded Mary Zachar, who was born in Caledonia in 1853, a daughter of John Zachar who was one of the early settlers of that locality, where he purchased land and carried on farming up to the time of his death. Mr. and Mrs. Kovar became the parents of three children: Anna M., the wife of Ernest Frudenwald, resident farmer of Caledonia Township; John F., and Frank, who is farming in Oklahoma. The old home place comprised sixty-six acres of land and there the father established a good home for his family. His political allegiance was always given to the Republican Party and he manifested marked loyalty in citizenship. His death occurred in 1881, while his wife, surviving him for a number of years, passed away in 1894.

John F. Kovar obtained a district school education and afterward attended a commercial college in Racine. He did not at once settle down to the farm but was employed in different places and in different ways. He worked at the printer’s trade for a time and after pursuing his commercial course he engaged in bookkeeping and in stenographic work, but is now concentrating his energies upon farming and dairying, having become owner of sixty-five acres of land which responds readily to the care and labor which he bestows upon it. He carries on general agricultural pursuits and also does considerable dairying, shipping milk to Racine. He owns a registered Holstein bull and has Full blooded Ayrshire cattle. He has built a nice barn and silo upon his place and has all modern equipments, including the latest improved machinery. He owns a Studebaker car and everything about his home and farm breathes an air of prosperity and progress.

In September, 1903, Mr. Kovar was married to Miss Mary Peterka, who was born in Caledonia Township, is a graduate of the Racine high school and taught school for a number of years in Racine County. They have five children: Edith, Myrtle, Alice, Marjorie and Kenneth, all at home. Mr. Kovar is independent in politics, voting according to the dictates of his judgment without regard to party ties. He is town clerk, which position he has filled for six years. He stands at all times for public progress and improvement and cooperates in many measures for the general good. His has been an active and useful life, for at the age of seventeen years he began working and has since been dependent entirely upon his own resources. His employer paid him one hundred and forty dollars per year, and that he was faithful and capable is indicated by the fact that he remained with the same man for three years and eight months. From that point he has steadily progressed and is now numbered among the substantial agriculturists of his community.