Charles O. Johnson, who is engaged in farming on section 14, Norway Township, is classed as one of the popular and highly esteemed residents of his community and his friends have reason to know that he merits their regard, for his entire life has been spent in this locality. He was born March 4, 1857, in Norway Township, a brother of H. F. Johnson, in connection with whose biography on another page of this work there appears mention of their parents and the family.

Charles O. Johnson obtained a district school education and then took up the occupation of farming, at first purchasing one hundred and sixty acres of land following his father’s death. Subsequently he bought two hundred and eighty acres more, eighty acres on the marsh and one hundred and sixty acres in South Dakota. He has made most of this through his own effort and has erected all of the buildings upon his place, now having one of the most attractive and best improved farm properties in Norway Township. He has carefully cleared the land and tilled the fields. The place is rolling, thus furnishing ample drainage, and he utilizes the most modern methods in the care and development of the property. Stock raising and dairying are features of his place. He owns a registered Holstein bull and milks seventeen cows, sending the milk to the Farmers Creamery. There is a large silo upon his place, so that his stock is provided with green food through the winter months. He studies the most progressive methods of caring for his herd and also of developing his fields and his success is a demonstration of the value of modern scientific farming.

Mr. Johnson lives with his two sisters, Caroline Julia and Sarah Elizabeth, and theirs is an attractive and well kept home. In his political views Mr. Johnson is a republican, well informed on the questions and issues of the day, but he has never held nor sought office. He is, however, a well read man upon all current questions and, moreover, he is well liked-a fact which indicates the possession of sterling traits of character. His success is justly merited, for it has come to him as the reward of persistent, earnest and intelligently directed effort.