MATTHEW BARTHOLET. – This active merchant, a member of the firm of Bartholet Brothers, was born in Minnesota, of German parentage. He secured the advantages of a common-school education, and moved with his parents to Oregon in 1875, assisting them in the hotel business for four years. Coming then to Yakima City, he found employment with his uncle, Nicholas Hoscheid, he bought and conducted a remunerative business for two years; but consequent upon the building of the railroad, came to the new place and associated himself with J.C. MacCrimmon, and with him secured a very flourishing custom. In the fall of 1887, Mr. MacCrimmon sold his interest to Joseph Bartholet, Jr., brother of Matthew Bartholet; and the firm of Bartholet Brothers still continues to thrive.

Mr. Bartholet was elected auditor of Yakima county at the fall election of 1888. He was married to Miss Emma J. Schanno in the year 1882. At the present time he is serving a third term as a member of the city council.