HARRISON H. HUNGATE. – The large horse ranch of this gentleman is situated eleven miles east of Walla Walla, Washington, and contains twenty-five hundred acres of land in the beautiful Spring valley. Any visitor to Walla Walla will be abundantly repaid by a trip to this farm, not only for inspecting the stock, but also for the fine scenery surrounding. Although his ranch is some distance from Walla Walla, Mr. Hungate lives in town, having one of the most costly and beautiful of many fine residences.

Mr. Hungate is a native of Illinois, where he was born in 1836, coming to Nevada in 1864. Not suited with that state, he moved on to California in the Willow Springs, and at length taking up some desert land at the north of Cache creek, where he remained seven years. Hearing now of the bunch-grass hills, of Eastern Washington, he came hither in 1873, engaging largely in sheep-raising, finally turning his farm into a horse ranch. He thinks this county equal, if not superior, to any other in the world for the production of all sorts of grains and fruits, and that it simply needs people to live upon it to be the finest of regions.

As a public servant, Mr. Hungate has had a full share in county offices, and was a representative to the territorial legislature in 1881. In both public and private life he is prompt and efficient, and is well known throughout his section.