Bain, James, Bristol, was born in Glasgow, Scotland, on November 22, 1820. His father, Andrew Bain, came to America with one son, Andrew, in 1830, settled in Lincoln, Vt., and in 1832 the mother came with four children from Glasgow to Lincoln, Vt. The children were William (who now resides in Lincoln, Vt.), Thomas (now a resident of Lincoln, Vt.), Archibald (deceased, died in Bristol, Vt.). They lived in Lincoln and Bristol, Vt., most of their lives. After their arrival in America they had three daughters born to them, Mary (now Mrs. Horace Dodge, of Northfield, Vt.), Harriet (now Mrs. George Varney, of Lincoln, Vt.), and Jeanette (now Mrs. Frank Briggs, of Bristol, Vt.). James Bain married Rhoda Bush, a daughter of Willaim Bush, of Lincoln, Vt., and by her had one child, Lewis, who died in 1855 at the age of fourteen years. Mr. Bain was selectman for two years, grand juror for several years, and is at present justice of the peace. His farm now consists of about seventy acres.