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Biographical Sketch of H. Kirk Smith

Smith, H. Kirk, of Vergennes, Vt., was born in Ohio. He was a graduate of Marietta College and also a graduate of a college at Munich, Germany, and on his return to America he engaged in the naval service as secretary until the close of the war, after which he became connected with the commissary department, from which he resigned in 1879, retiring from active life at that time, and settling in Vergennes, Vt. Doctor H. Kirk Smith was a son of Rev. Henry Smtih, D. D., and Hannah (Bates) Smith, a daughter, of Prof. Bates, of Middlebury College, Vt. They settled in Vergennes, and Rev. Henry died there in 1879, leaving a widow and two sons — H. Kirk and Frederick B., of Chicago, Ill.

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