Cox, Eugene G., Monkton, was born in Monkton, Vt., in 1852. He was married in 1871 to Electa Wilson, of St. Lawrence county, N. Y. They have had four children born to them — Mary M., Henry C., Merritt P., and Sarah B. Eugene G. is a son of George B. and Marilla (Beaman) Cox. She was born in New Haven, Vt., in 1823, and he was born in Monkton, Vt., in 1820. They were married in 1844, and have had two sons born to them, Henry (who died when about three years old) and Eugene G. George B. has been selectman, justice of the peace, and held most of the town offices. He was a son of James and Mary Cox, who were born and married on Long Island, and settled in Monkton, Vt., in 1810. James was born in 1774, and his wife, Mary (Feeks) Cox, was born in 1777. They were married in 1801, and had a family of eight children born to them, four of whom are now living — Daniel, Benjamin, George B., and Martha A. James Cox was a tailor, and for a number of years after settling here was the only one within twenty miles of the town.