Preston, Edwin F., New Haven, was born in Burlington, Vt., on March 4, 1857. He is a physician; was reared in Waltham, Vt., and began the study of medicine with Dr. C. W. B. Kidder, of Vergennes, Vt., in 1881; entered the medical department of the Burlington University in the spring of 1882, which he was graduated from in the fall of 1884, and immediately located in New Haven, Vt., where he has since resided. He was married on June 17, 1885, to Cora H. Holley, a daughter of Truman R. and Juliaette (Sanford) Holley, of Cornwall, Vt. He was a son of John and Ann E. (Hall) Preston. His father was a native of Ireland, and his mother of Shelburne, Vt., and were residents of this county for many years; they are now living in Waltham, Vt. They have had a family of twelve children, nine of whom are now living — Samuel J., Edwin F., Sarah (Mrs. A. J. Thompson), John P., Libbie L., Ethel H., Frank B., Wallace, and Nancy B.