Young, Benjamin F., Vergennes, was born in Hanover, Morris county, N. J., on March 2, 1810. He has been the leading carpenter and builder of Vergennes, Vt., for many years, having erected many of its best buildings; and has been universally respected during his long life in this city. He was married in 1845 to Mary S. Roberts, of Vergennes, Vt. She died in 1854. He then married his second wife, Isabella P. Tucker, in 1874. She was a daughter of Phillip C. and Mary C. M. (McClosky) Tucker. She was born in August, 1802, and her husband in 1800, in Boston, and he settled in Vergennes, Vt., in 1815, where he died in 1861, leaving a wife, Addison and one son, and five daughters. He was a representative man of his town, holding many of the town offices. He also published a history of this town in 1824. Benjamin F. Young was a son of Phineas and Sarah (Fairchild) Young, who were born and married in Morris county, New Jersey, and settled in Vergennes, Vt., in 1819. They had a family of five children born to them — Eliza C. (now Mrs. Crane), Phebe M., Benjamin F., Daniel S., Philemon R., three of whom are now living — Eliza C., Benjamin F., and Philemon R. Sarah Young died in 1873, aged ninety years, and Phineas died in 1845, aged seventy-four years; he was a son of Daniel and Phebe Young. Daniel Young was born in Scotland, and came to America before the Revolution, holding office under the English government. He settled and died in New Jersey.