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Burleson County, Texas Cemetery Records

Most of these are complete indices at the time of transcription, however, in some cases we list the listing when it is only a partial listing.

The following cemetery transcriptions can be found at Burleson County, Texas GenWeb Archives.

  • Carr Cemetery, Cooks Point
  • Cooks Point Brethren Church Cemetery, Cooks Point
  • Cooks Point Methodist Church Cemetery
  • Draper or Mosley Cemetery
  • Elizabeth Lutheran Church Cemetery
  • Kramer Cemetery
  • Old City Cemetery, Caldwell
  • Providence Cemetery, Caldwell
  • Rowland Cemetery
  • Salem Cemetery
  • Shiloh Baptist Church Cemetery, African-American
  • SPJST at San Antonio Prairie, Deanville

The following cemetery transcriptions and photos can be found at Burleson County, Texas GenWeb.

  • Allbright
  • Beaird Cemetery
  • Birch Cemetery
  • Bird Cemetery
  • Black Jack Cemetery
  • Blocker/Johnson Cemetery
  • Brazos Bottom Baptist Church
  • Brewers Hill Cemetery
  • Caldwell Masonic Cemetery
  • Chriesman Cemetery
  • Chriesman Chapel Cemetery
  • Clement Graveyard
  • Draper Cemetery
  • Elizabeth Chapel Cemetery
  • Frenstat Cemetery
  • Giesenschlag Cemetery
  • High Prairie Cemetery
  • Hix Cemetery
  • Holy Rosary Catholic Church
  • Immanuel Lutheran Church Cemetery
  • Jasek Cemetery
  • Krohne Cemetery
  • Lawrence Cemetery
  • Lyons Church of Christ,
  • Mary Moore Cemetery
  • Masonic Cemetery
  • Merle Cemetery
  • Mexican Cemetery Association Cemetery
  • Moseley Cemetery
  • New Tabor Brethern Church
  • Old City Cemetery
  • Old Tunis Cemetery
  • Porters Chapel Cemetery
  • Prairie Dale Cemetery
  • Saint John’s Lutheran
  • Salem Baptist Cemetery
  • Schoppe Cemetery
  • Shiloh Cemetery
  • Slovak Cemetery
  • Thomas Cemetery
  • Thomson Cemetery
  • Small Private Cemeteries

The following cemetery transcriptions can be found at Cemeteries of TX Project:

  • Providence Cemetery

The following cemetery transcriptions and photos can be found at FindAGrave.

  • Allbright Cemetery, Caldwell
  • Beaird Cemetery
  • Belltown Cemetery
  • Bettis Cemetery, Snook
  • Birch Cemetery, Caldwell
  • Black Jack Cemetery
  • Blocker/Johnson Cemetery, Lyons
  • Caldwell Cemetery
  • Caldwell Masonic Cemetery, Caldwell
  • Carr Cemetery
  • Centerline Cemetery
  • Chriesman Cemetery, Chriesman
  • Chriesman Chapel Cemetery, Deanville
  • Christain-Burleson Cemetery
  • Smith Cemetery
  • Christian Cemetery
  • Clay Cemetery, Clay
  • Cox Cemetery
  • Draper Cemetery
  • Elizabeth Cemetery, Caldwell
  • Elizabeth Chapel Cemetery
  • Evangelical United Church of Christ Cemetery, Lyons
  • Evangelical United Church of Christ Cemetery, Birch
  • Fick Cemetery
  • Frenstat Cemetery, Frenstat
  • Giesenschlag Cemetery, Snook
  • Giesenschlag Cemetery, Snook
  • Graveyard Crossing Cemetery, Somerville
  • High Prairie Cemetery
  • Hix Cemetery, Hix
  • Holy Rosary Catholic Church Cemetery, Frenstat
  • Hopewell Cemetery, Caldwell
  • Hrarnice Cemetery
  • Johnstons Family Cemetery
  • Jones Cemetery, Caldwell
  • Kramer Cemetery
  • Krohne Cemetery
  • Lawrence Cemetery
  • Liberty Cemetery
  • Lyons Cemetery
  • Marek Catholic Cemetery
  • Mary Moore Cemetery
  • Masonic Cemetery, Caldwell
  • Moseley Cemetery
  • See: Draper Cemetery
  • Mound Prairie Cemetery
  • Mount Zion Cemetery
  • New Tabor Cemetery, Caldwell
  • Oak Grove Cemetery, Caldwell
  • Oak Lawn Cemetery, Somerville
  • Old Bethlehem Cemetery
  • Old Birch Creek Cemetery, Caldwell
  • Old City Cemetery, Caldwell
  • Pillow Cemetery
  • Porters Chapel Cemetery, Caldwell
  • Porters Prairie Chapel Cemetery, Caldwell
  • Providence Cemetery, Tunis
  • Rollin Cemetery, Caldwell
  • Rowland Cemetery, Caldwell
  • Saint Ann Cemetery, Somerville
  • Saint Johns Lutheran Church Cemetery, Deanville
  • Saint Marys Catholic Church Cemetery, Caldwell
  • Salem Cemetery
  • San Antonio Prairie Cemetery
  • Scalens Cemetery
  • Schoppe Cemetery
  • Shiloh Cemetery
  • Slovak Cemetery, Caldwell
  • Snock Cemetery, Snook
  • Snook Cemetery, Snook
  • Somerville City Cemetery, Somerville
  • St. Stephens Cemetery
  • Tabor Cemetery (Caldwell)
  • Teals Prairie Cemetery
  • Thomas Cemetery
  • Thomson Family Cemetery, Chriesman
  • Tunis Cemetery
  • Woodfork Cemetery


MLA Source Citation:

Texas Cemetery Records: A directory of resources providing online access to Texas Cemetery records. See also United States Cemetery Records for cemetery records on all of the United States. Web. 27 August 2016.
- Last updated on Jul 28th, 2014

This page is part of a larger collection. Access the full collection at Texas Cemetery Records.

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