1__out of the 120 men ordered to the fortiffication, 24 men are to work in the Fafieens with more Diligency as hethertoo, they have not made 3 faceens to a man this two Days, tho they are to make least 12 to a man.

2__the carpenters in part are to continue to make halms in the tools & others are to make three hand barrows with bones 1 ½ foot wide 1 foot longe & 8 inches deep, to carray Stones to raife the Smith fournis.

3__one carpenter with 6 ax men are to be commanded to the company to build according to his Direction a corn heonfe joining to the Eaft end of his _ore houfe.

5__the reft of the ax men are to continue clearing the low grown to make room for the Lodging houfes.

5__all other hands are to work with Trades, saws & pick axesin the fort.

6__the miners & 2 maisons are _____ about grinding stones to greind the tools.

To Capt. Raymond Demere

Wm. DeBrahm
Comanding his majesties forces Engineer in the Cherokees.