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South Carolina Civil War Rosters – 20th Vols., Company K.

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CAPTAINS: Harman, W.D.M.

LIEUTENANTS: Haltiwonger, S.A., Harmon, T.S., Harmon, M.H., Seay, H., Harmon, F.J., Leaphart, J.E., Harmon, M.D.

SERGEANTS: Sease, J.R.W., Quattlebaum, T.A.

CORPORALS: Hendrix, J.E., Brown, S., Wingard, H., Earhart, J.W., Taylor, M.L., Rawl, E.A., Keisler, L., Wingard, J., Shealy, L.F.

PRIVATES: Alewine, J., Amick, J., Berry, J., Black, J.R., Blackwell, B., Boles, S.F., Bonenberger, P., Brown, J., Busby, P., Caughman, J.T., Caughman, L.W., Caughman, N.S., Caughman, H.J.W., Crout, L., Crout, J.T., Crout, W., Corley, E.L., Corley, L.W., Corley, S.A., Corley, W., Corley, W.A., Calk, W., Cook, W.L., Cook, W., Crapps, S., DeHart, A.H., Eargle, A.L., Eargle, F.P., Eargle, G.W., Fikes, J.A., Frey, J.W., Gross, A.H., Gregory, J., Gable, J.D., Gable, D.T., Gable, M.M., Hipps, W.S., Hite, J., Hicks, D., Hicks, R.J.A., Harmon, P.B., Harmon, G.W., Harmon, M.B., Harmon, G.M., Harmon, J.W., Harmon, J.A., Hartwell, J.J., Heyman, O., Hallman, M.L., Hallman, S.T., Hallman, E.R., Hallman, A.J., Hallman, E., Holeman, D., Hays, J.W.P., Hays, A.W.N., Hays, A.D.J., Hendrix, G.S., Hendrix, H.J., Hendrix, J.E., Hendrix, J.S., Hendrix, S.N., Hendrix, T.A., Hunt, J., Jackson, N.L., Jumper, H., Kyser, D., Kyser, J.I.B., Keisler, H., Keisler, S., Keisler, C.S., Keisler, D.F., Kaminer, W.P., Kaminer, J.M., Kaminer, J.A.W., King, E., Kistler, A.T., Kleckley, H.W., Kleckley, D.D., Kleckley, J.T., Kleckley, S., Kleckley, J.W., Lominack, D., Long, J.C., Long, J.A., Long, A.M., Long, J.H., Livingston, S., Lybrand, I.W., Lucas, M.H., Lewis, T.J., Harmon, L., Lewis, G.W., Leaphart, H.H., Miller, J., Mills, J.B., Meetze, G.A., Meetze, F.R., Mouts, S.P., Mouts, J.T., Mouts, J., Oswald, D., Price, W., Price, E.J., Price, I., Price, L., Quattlebaum, E.R., Rawl, B., Rawl, P.J., Rawl, J., Ranch, W.W., Ranch, C.S., Reeder, G.W., Reeder, J.W., Rich, —-, Roof, J.N., Roof, S.G., Roof, R., Satcher, S., Shealy, W.P., Shealy, U., Shealy, A., Shealy, J.J.B., Shealy, W.R., Shealy, N., Shealy, J.M., Shealy, P.W., Smith, J.W., Smith, A.J., See, J.B., See, D.E., Shirley, S.W., Snelgrove, C.P., Snelgrove, E.E., Steel, J., Steel, Z., Taylor, G.W., Taylor, J.W., Taylor, E., Taylor, W.C., Taylor, Z., Taylor, H., Taylor. H.W., Taylor, J.W., Taylor, J., Wingard, J.S., Wingard, T.J., Wingard, S., Wingard, G.W., Wingard, M., Wiggins, S.J.

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