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William Davis of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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c154 WILLIAM DAVIS: b. near Philadelphia, 1756; had two brothers, Henry and Jonas; served in the Revolutionary War for four yrs.; in 1784 m. Isabella Scott; had with other issue

(1) Henry: b. 1787; d. 1860; m. Jane Johnston; was a sergeant in Capt. Leiper’s Company in War of 1812. One of the founders of New Sheffield, Pa., and was a surveyor, an astronomer and a driller of salt wells.

(A) Isabella: b. 1814; d. 1862; m. Johnston Calhoun.

(B) James S.: b. 1815, d. 1897; m. Maria Flanegin, 1840. Ch.


(a) Francis F.: b. 1845; m. Abbie Stout.

(b) Henry A.: b. 1855; d. 1910; m. Elizabeth McCleary.

(c) James E.: b. 1858; m. Maude Powell.

(C) William Henry: b. 1816; d. 1865; m. Mary Calhoun.

(a) Joseph.

(b) Alice: m. Miller Kenton.

(c) Henry K.

(d) Horace: (M.D.). Served in Civil War; m. Kate (?) and had Paul and Grace.

(D) John (Rev.): b. 1821; m. Emma Hays; had Eva who m. Dr. Win. Huselton. John Davis was an inventor as well as a minister. Eva had three ch.—Norman, d. v., Roma m. Capt. O’Brien), and Frances (m. John Bancroft).

(E) Jane J.: b. 1850; m. George S. Davis.

(2) William.

(3) Alexander: b. 1796; d. 1857; m. Elizabeth Shafer, 1819. Their ch. include:

(A) William Hugh: b. 1822; d. 1907; m. Jane S. Davis, 1849.

(a) Eliza Anne: b. 1852; m. William Reed.

(b) George James: b. 1855; m. Mary MacDonald. They had Ross, m. Jennie Kelso, Edwin, d. v., Mary, m. Leman Siniley, Virginia and Andrew.
(c) Herman Ulysses (Rev.): m. Margaret Reed, 1898. They had Genevieve who m. Earl Grohman.

(B) James Ray (M.D.): b 1837; d. 1898; was a surgeon in the Northern Army during Civil War; given medal for his devotion to duly, m. Elizabeth Emory. Two ch. survived—Horace M. (b. 1860, who m. Alice Woods, 1886, and had Earl), and Adda (b. 1868, who m. and had one dau.).

(7) Elizabeth.

(8) James: b. 1798; d. 1867; m. Mary Seawright, 1822. Three daus. and

(A) William James: b. 1825; m. his cousin, Isabella Veazy. Two daus. and

(a) Franklin Veazy: m. Elizabeth Gilmore. Their ch. were William, Isabella, Helen, Naomi, James, Earl and Monroe.

(B) William Brunton: m. Emma Figley. They had Kenneth and Mildred.

(C) James Franklin: m. Bertha Paisley. Two daus.

(9) John: b. 1804; d. 1880; m. Margaret Flanegin. Ch. include:

(A) Francis F. (M.D.): b. 1838; d. 1902; m. Sarah Reed; was a surgeon in the Northern Army during Civil War. They had John F. and Fannie, both of whom were practicing physicians.

(B) William (Rev.): b. 1839; m. Rebecca Addy. They had four daus. and

(a) Rutherford B. H.: who m. Emma Stewart and had six ch.

(C) John: b. 1842; d. 1914; m. Mary Flicks. Ch. include:

(a) James H.

(b) Frank H.: m. Emma McMillan. Ten ch.

(c) John L.: m. Myrtle Mason and had one son. By his second wife, Viola McCowen, he had four daus.

(d) George H. (M.D.): m. Lydia Candler. Two daus.

(e) Edwin: m. Bessie Barclay and had Mildred, Frances, Paul and James.

(E) Henry F.: b. 1844; m. Matilda McLean and had James. By his second wife, Mary Moore, he had six ch.

(F) James X.: b. 1846; m. Susan Engle. Their ch. include:

(a) John (M.D.): m. Margaret Blackmore and had five ch.

(b) Francis (M.D.): m. Anna McKibben, (2), Mabelle Wil­liams. Two sons and one dau.

(c) Henry 0.: m. Minnie Morrow. They had Howard M.

(G) Mayes Smith (M.D.): b. 1860, d. 1916; m. Anna Forner. They had two daus., both m.

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