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North Powder Cemetery, Union County, North Powder Oregon

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M Surname

Mahon, John (Unmarked next to Lizzie Cavender)
Maharry, I. W. 1854-1918
Maharry, Charles A. 2/4/1901-9/18/1907
Maharry, Clara 1865-1936
Maharry, John Albert 1897-1917
Mann, Arel Leo 1929-1973
Mann, Brian Seth 11/11/1962-11/1/1963
Mann, Donna D. 1924-1990
Mann, John Emery 1934-1974
Mann, Leo L. 1892-1948
Mann, Leona 1895-1938
Mann, Robin Marie 12/4/1958-11/1/1963
Mann, Sonora Grace 9/30/1961-11/1/63
Mann, Timothy Ray 5/12/1960-11/1/1963
Marsh, Wanda 1944-8/1958
May, Cedelia ?-6/5/1898
May, Edward Leroy 8/21/1921-3/26/1997
May, Elisha F. 1854-1933
May, Rosa F. 1896-9/1964
May, Wn. Warren 1885-1933
McCanse, Delbert A. 5/18/1888-5/21/1956
McCanse, O. Bernice 6/22/1906-6/18/1983
McCarty, Daniel J. 1881-12/1976
McClaren, Joseph R. 4/1864-4/1914
McClure, Delmar 1930-1940
McClure, Henery H. No Dates
McClure, Tressie No Dates
McCollough, Mary Alice 7/19/1913-11/15/1995
McCullough, Franklyn John 1917-1978
McCullough, Ancel G. 1892-1954
McCullough, Ethel Leona 1895-1968
McCullough, Joe C. 1946-1986
McCullough, Samuel C. 1885-1956
McCullough, Weiofred No Dates
McCurry, Almeda 2/22/1838-3/30/1929
McCurry, Baby Jane ?-5/18/1919
McCurry, David ?-10/12/1913
McCurry, Ruth 6/19/1898-6/12/1919
McGrath, Baby ?-1/20/1906
McGrath, Leila 1889-2/1965
McGrath, Walter 1885-1969
McGraw, Alonzo W. 1868-1922
McGregor, Laughlin 1854-1931
McGregor, Mae M. 1874-1946
McKay, Jane 1964-1941 (As listed)
McKeen, Edwin R. 1882-1943
McKeen, Laura Bell 1885-1972
McKnight, Jean 1919-1979
McKnight, Kenneth No Dates
McPhee, Clyde 1896-1/1958
McPhee, Emma J. N/A
McPhee, John b. 1859-1931
McPhee, John T. 1891-12/12/1965
McPhee, Laura Leone 1/9/1917-1/19/1927
McPhee, Laura W. 1895-1970
Mercer, C. Wallace 1856-1930
Mercer, Laura B. 1861-1930
Mercer, Roy S. 1880-1935
Mercer, V. Cambell 5/2/1882-1/8/1911
Merly, Frank 12/31/1916-8/16/1977
Miller, Bessie 1889-1982
Miller, Cleve No Dates
Miller, Emil R. 1892-1981
Miller, Grover C. 1888-1970
Miller, Leola F. 3/13/1911-7/28/1914
Miller, Marge No Dates
Miller, Maxine 9/23/1916-4/10/1987
Miller, Orville E. 1907-1965
Miller, Wendell M. 6/2/05-11/28/93 (As Listed)
Minnick, Frank 7/25/1907-9/5/1907
Minnich, Sarah E. 5/16/1909-5/29/1909
Monaghan, Elma 1861-1949
Monaghan, Frank 1881-1949
Montgomery, Donald W. 9/17/1915-4/20/1975
Montgomery, Helen 5/16/1909-12/31/1987
Moore, Altha 1890-1953
Moore, Blanche J. ?-1967
Moore, Charlie S. 1874-1939
Moore, Edna A. 1886-1934
Moore, Elizabeth Jane 1850-1931
Moore, Margaret E. 1887-1972
Moore, Oliver M. 1895-1965
Moore, Richard F. 1885-1949
Moore, W. Arthur 1884-1944
Moulton, Allen (Buck) 1927-11/1977

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