MRS. F.A. CAMPBELL. – Fannie A., the daughter of L. and E. Dodson, was born in Illinois in 1838, and received her education in the seminary at Oskaloosa, Iowa. She was married in that state to James M. Campbell, of Ohio. In 1864 her husband closed out his real estate business, and with his wife came across the plains. A number of fine horses constituted a part of their effects. Happy cañon, in Umatilla county, a place beautiful for a home, and desirable as a stock ranch, was chosen, and western life begun. Their efforts were attended with prosperity, until the irreparable loss of the husband and father in 1873, who fell a victim to consumption. Notwithstanding this affliction, by which not only her life companion but a sterling and honest man was taken away, Mrs. Cambell continued the management of her farm, and has showed in this relation a marked capacity. Her household has been invaded by disease, three of her sons having died; while Elmer E., the eldest was murdered by the Bannacks in the summer of 1878 at Camas Prairie, whither he had gone to render assistance to a younger brother on a sheep range. But, notwithstanding these sorrows, Mrs. Campbell is still living faithfully and indeed happily as well as prosperously, at her home with her two daughters and three sons.