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Roll Of Captain William Munn’s Company

(County Unknown).

Served from July 28, until August 28, 1813, and from February 16, until March 16, 1814.

Capt. William Munn
Lieut. Joseph Kelley
Lieut. Tapley White
Ensign, Abraham Stewart
Ensign, John Clemens
Sergt. Thomas Phillips
Sergt. Richard Johnson
Sergt. John Ruke
Sergt. John Bennet
Sergt. William G. Robinson
Sergt. James Gilbruth
Sergt. Briar Griffin
Sergt. John Cannon
Corp. Samuel Crull
Corp. John Bennet
Corp. Jesse Martin
Corp. Henry Crull
Corp. Li. Rogan
Corp. William Holland
Corp. Yoel Church
Drummer, Charles Bennet
Fifer, Elijah Jacobs


Alkin, John
Anderson, Jacob
Anderson, Mark
Barret, Elijah
Bonner, Abraham
Bowser, Adam
Brewer, James
Buck, James
Calhoun, William
Cartmell, Samuel
Cline, George
Copias, John
Cox, William
Craig, Thomas
Crookham, George L
Cross, Robert
Davis, Nathaniel
Dawson, Othe
Dener John
Duncan, John
Farney, John
Finley, James
Fleming, Andrew
Fry, Joseph
Gibson, John
Gillilan, Hugh
Gilmore, Robert
Gilmore, William
Gilsten, James
Goodin, Daniel
Graham, John
Graham, Joseph
Grubb, Joseph
Gunies, James
Gunies, John
Haddox, William
Hadley, George
Hill, John
Hollingshead, William
Howard, Lewis
Hubbell, Rowland
Johnson, James
Jones, William
Kennedy, Robert
Kuby, Nathan
Lewis, Abraham
Linch, Samuel
Linton, William
Martin, Hugh
Martin, John
McKenney, Theadore
McKenney, William
Mercer, Levi
Miller, William
Monroe, Barnabas
Monroe, Solomon
Morrison, Robert
Mounts, Enoch
Munroe, Charles
Nelson. Jonothan R.
Pemil, Enoch
Perry, Isaac
Radcliffe, Daniel
Reynolds, James
Runkle, George
Sappington, Thomas
Satherland, John
Satterly, Isaac
Seberell, Nicholas
Shane, Daniel
Sherlock, John
Star, John
Sterot, John
Stewart, Jeremiah
Stigalls, Frederick
Strange, William
Thomas, Jacob
Timmonds, John
Utt, Adam
Utt, Jacob
Waggoner, James
Walker, John
Walker, John D.
Wells, Absalom
Wilson, Alexander

MLA Source Citation:

Ohio. Adjutant General's Office. Roster of Ohio soldiers in the War of 1812. Columbus, Ohio: Press of the Edward T. Miller Co. 1916. Web. 27 July 2016.
- Last updated on Jun 29th, 2011

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