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Roll Of Capt. William Gill’s Company

(County Unknown)

Served from April 16, 1812, until April 17, 1813.

Capt. William Gill
Lieut. Wynekoop Warner
Ensign Jacob Witt
Sergt. Alexander McBratney Sergt. Thomas Riddle
Sergt. Titus Shotwell
Sergt. John Gorden
Corp. Parry. Hulse
Corp. James Bigley
Corp. Ezekial Boggs
Corp. Asaph Butler
Fifer, John Robinson
Drummer, Archibald Lafferton


Berry, Joseph
Boyd, William
Bright, Nicholas
Browny, John
Bryan, Aaron
Butler, Eli
Colman, Samuel
Colter, Archibald, Sr.
Coulter, Archibald, Jr.
Crooks, James
Edwards, Walter
Edy, Job
Fairhurst, William
Fisher, John
Gardner, John
Gassaway, Benjamin
Hamilton, John
Hammerly, Joseph
Hardesty, John
Hardesty, Lewis
Harred, Samuel
Holmes, Thomas
Lamson, John
Lansdown, William
Martin, Robert
McMahon, John
McWilliams, Alexander
Miller, John
Mitchell, Henry
Montgomery, Robert
Neff, Henry
Paitens, Christian
Piper, Tristan
Porterfield, Robert
Rankin, John
Ritchie, Robert
Ritchie, William
Rouse, George
Scott, John
Scott, Joseph
Scott, William
Skinner, William
Smith, Robert
Spurgeon, Nathan
Stephenson, Arthur
Stewart, James
Stowden, Jacob
Taylor, James
Watkins, Thomas
Willis, William
Wood, George

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