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Roll Of Capt. Solomon Bentley’s Company

(Probably from Belmont County)

Served from August 22 until October 22, 1812.

Capt. Solomon Bentley
Lieut. Joseph Kirkwood
Ensign George Love
Sergt. Joseph Grimes
Sergt. James Nixon
Sergt. Hugh Brown
Sergt. James Kyle
Corp. David Dille
Corp. William McCoy
Corp. Dennis Forrest
Corp. John Vroyd
Musican Evan Rodgers


Adeidler, Caleb
Armstrong, Travis
Carrington, Nicholas
Cluney, Alexander
Dallis, John
Day, Israel
Devore, John
Dillon, Samuel
Ditzler, John
Erskine, Thomas
Gilliland, Morgan
Gilliland, Thomas
Goeshorn, Leonard
Grimes, John
Harriman, David
Herd, William
Irvin, George
Kyzer, Thomas
Lashley, Hezekiah
Long, Adam
Marques, William
McMahan, Dennis
Park, James
Powel, Joseph
Rankin, Joseph
Rider, Obed
Robinson, John
Rowel, William
Shepherd, Arnold
Shepherd, Isaiah
Simeson, James
Starr, James
Tarrier, John
Watson, Robert
Wright, Coleman H

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