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Roll Of Capt. Nicholas Cunningham’s Company

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(County Unknown)

Served from April 27, until October 27, 1812.

Lieut. John Harness
Ensign, Henry Flesher
Capt. Nicholas Cunningham
Sergt. William Loveless
Sergt. Eccleston Smith
Sergt. William McDonald
Corp. Andrew Hayes
Sergt. Thomas Chill
Corp. William McCarrol
Musician, Ebenezer Mattox
Corp. John Bailey
Corp. Benjamin Rogers
Fifer, Alston Phillips


Becket, Bider
Berkolur, Tiberius
Black, Charles
Carsey, Randolph
Cisna, Stephen
Clevenger, William
Clifford, George
Clifton, Philip
Clover, Joshua
Corwin, Oliver
Davis, James
Donemire, Daniel
Everts, Ebenezer
Familiar, John
Fanata, Samuel
Layton, George
M%ltllcockr, Jonothan
Mablise, Joshua
Martin, John
Martin, Tubman
McCall, Montgomery
McCallister, James
Miller, Adam
Neley, Nicholas
Pain, Adam
Powers, Jacob
Powers, Joseph
Rankin, John M
Roof, Samuel
Saunders, Benjamin
Stuthard, John
Thomas, Jeremiah
Thompson, David
Thompson, John
Vanveal, Aaron
Venson, Thomas
Wats, Henkson
Webb, William
White, William
Wilcock, David
Willcocks, Jonothan
William, Bazel
Williams, John
Williams, Joseph
Williams, Samuel
Willianis, John
Wilson, James
Young, Jacob
Young, Solomon

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