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Roll Of Capt. John S. Wallace’s Company

(Probably from Hamilton Co.)

Served from August 23, until September 4, 1812.

Capt. John S. Wallace
Lieut. William Stanley
Ensign, George G. Terrence
Sergt. Joseph B. Robinson
Sergt. John Humes
Sergt. John Hilton
Sergt. William Berry


Barker, Thomas
Biger, John
Bird, Richard
Blanchard, William
Boal, James
Bowl, Robert, Jr.
Bruin, Isaac
Carr, Francis
Cary, Chris
Chase, L. Homadine
Clark, John
Davison, Thomas
Eson, Alexander
Finice, John
Gard, Seth
Garner, Alexander
Gibson, John
Greenlie, Will
Hall, Stephen
Hardy, Richard
Henderson, Thomas
Hogan, Niles
Home, David
Horne, Ebenezer
Irwin, William
Jessup, John
Karr, Robert
Kemper, Stephen
Layre, Samuel I
Levensworth, Seth M
Leward, Jacob
Lining, John
Maison, John
Meek, Edward
Pancoast, Jonothan
Pierce, Eli
Rodgers, William
Rogers, Samuel
Sayre, Leonard
Sears, Benjamin
Snider, David
Stites, Thomas
Stone, Ethan
Thompson, Thomas
Van Benkton, Daniel
Watson, John
Wilson, James
Woodworth, Daniel

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