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Roll Of Capt. John Chonner’s Company

(County Unknown)

Served from July 31, until August 14, 1813.

Capt. John Chonner
Lieut. James Holmes
Ensign Aaron Brown
Sergt. George Willis
Sergt. Samuel Jameson
Sergt. William Holmes
Sergt. Joseph Wells
Corp. John Moone
Corp. Cornelius Lane
Corp. John Mays
Corp. Ben Farmer
Musician, Jesse Larne

Musician, James Olive


Barlow, Abraham
Black, John
Bush, George
Camble, James
Critten, Gabriel
Dickson, Samuel
Dickson, William
Elliott, Cornelius
Engliss, John
Evans, Joseph
Farmer, Elias
Forsyth, Thomas
Forsyth, William
Frye, Jacob
Gavit, Markus A
Green, Ezekial
Green, John
Hase, William
Helphrey, John
Hunter, George
Hunter, Robert
Hunter, Samuel
Huston, Andrew
Iles, Frederick
Jamison, Joseph
Jones, Arasmus
Jones, Lemuel
McCown, John
McKitrick, James
Page, Jeremiah
Pew, Samuel
Ridgley, Razaleel
Scott, James
Scott, Robert
Smith, Charles
Sully, Leonard
Thompson, John
Trump, Jacob
Welch, William
Williams, Darid
Williamson, John
Young, William

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