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Roll Of Capt. James Kilgore’s Company

(Probably from Ross Co.)

Served from October 1, until November 5, 1812.

Capt. James Kilgore
Lieut. William Johnston
Ensign, William Niblack
Sent. John Galaspy
Sergt. James How
Sergt. Hugh Dolshon
Sergt. Adam Stewart
Corp. William Malone


Alcutt. Israel
Alexander, Francis
Arthers, Samuel
Beall. Phillip
Butte, Thomas
Campbell, Jonothan
Cartright, Nathaniel
Chenowith, Elijah
Chenowoth, Joseph
Corkin, Thomas
Dyer, Gasper
Eckenbarger, Stephen
Fields, Peter
Hanson, Hollis
Kelley, Samuel
Little, James
Lytle, Hugh
Miller, Watson
Moler, Jacob
Poor, George
Rawles, Elijah
Reed, James
Ridgeway, David
Stanholt, George
Thomas, Webster
Vial, John
Wells, Absalom

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