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Roll Of Capt. James Campbell’s Company

(County Unknown).

Served from October 20, 1812, until April 20, 1813.

Capt. James Campbell
Lieut. John Nichols
Ensign Zepheniah Bell
Sergt. David Henderson
Sergt. Thomas Thompson
Sergt. Isaac Coleman
Sergt. Richard Copeland
Corp. John H. Smith
Corp. Joshua Russell
Corp. Thomas Dille
Corp. Jeremiah Russell


Archer, John
Barton, Mlchael
Beatty, William
Bundy, Joseph
Burvit, Benjamin
Clark, Jacob
Coleman, Nathaniel
Coleman, Samuel
Conner, Robert M.
Crampton, Henry
Diven, John
Elrue, Burned
Evans, Garrett
Ferguson, James
Fonda, Lawrence
Gant, Reuben
Goness, David
Gorley, John
Harris, Simon
Hisket, Benjamin
Hopny, Samuel
Hunter, Joseph
Kincaid, Joseph
Kirk, Joseph
Lewis, Samuel
Lewis, Stephen
Martian, John
McConnell, James
McConnell, Robert
McKittrick, John
Moore, Daniel
Pearce, George
Pool, John
Porter, Reason
Price, William
Roberts, Jacob
Shekan, Joshua
Slater, John
Smith, Bazel
Stackhous, Jacob
Stephens, Benjamin
Stephenson, John
Stoner, Henry
Swanny, George
Swart, Jacob
Tagert, Isaac
Tipton, Thomas
Vanwey, Burrus
Wheeler, William
Wilkins, Andrew
Wilkins, Thomas
Workman, Amos
Workman, William

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