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Roll Of Capt. George Stidger’s Company

(Probably from Stark County)

Served from August 23, 1812, until January 19, 1813

Capt. George Stidger
Lieut. Robert Cameron
Ensign Daniel McClure
Sergt. Daniel McClure
Sergt. John Miller
Sergt. John Shorb
Sergt. William B. Chamberlain
Sergt. Christian Flickenger
Corp. George Cribs
Corp. Jacob Essig
Corp. Moses Andrews
Bugleman, Thomas Neely


Alexander, Ezekial
Andrews, James
Black, James
Brouse, Philip
Brown, William
Carper, John
Chisimore, George
Clinger, John
Cresson, Gamett
Croninger, Benjamin
Cutthall, John
DeWalt, George
Duck, Samuel
Elder. John
Essig, Adam
Forber, Daniel
Gaff , John
Gaff, Robert
Kirkpatrick, George
Kroft, John
Kuntz, John
Livingston, Henry
McClelland, Samuel
Monroe, George
Moore, James
Myers, Jacob
Potts, John
Rice, John
Riddle, James
Rogers, John
Roose, Abraham
Rowland, John
Sheinbarger, John
Shields, Thomas
Shisson, John
Short, John
Smith, William
Stephens. Daniel
Swigart, Jacob

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