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Roll Of Capt. David Sutton’s Company

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(Probably from Butler County)

Served from April 27, until October 27, 1812.

Capt. David Sutton
Lieut. Robert Sweeney
Ensign John Vowen
Sergt. Andrew Robb
Sergt. Wright Elliott
Sergt. D. Bowers
Sergt. William Hercules
Corp. John Shawhan
Corp. William DeLong
Corp. John Young
Corp. John Flaming
Fifer, Benjamin Murphy
Drummer, John Thompson
Corp. Josiah Bradway


Anderson, John
Bannon, John
Blake, Nathan
Bowers, Reese
Cahill, Abraham
Cahill, Alexander
Collister, Hugh W
Cummin, J. N.
Cunningham, Nathaniel
Dill, John
Fisher, David
Fisher, Jacob
Fisher, James.
Fitzgerald, Eson
Garrison, Benjamin
Garrison, David
Garrison, Ezekial
Garrison, Jeremiah
Garrison, John
Garrison, Person
Goodposter, Isaac
Hand, Benjamin
Hester, Jacob
Holcomb, Asa
Hutchinson, James
Hyde, Samuel
Jeffries, George
Jester, Eli
Kindelspeaker, Jacob
Kitchell, James L
Lee, John
Long, William D
Manly, William
Martin, John
Martin, William
McCollister, Hugh
McCollister, Michael
Miller, John
Moore, William
Mullin, John
Nearson, Minary
Patton, William
Powell, Jacob
Ress, Bown
Rinedson, N
Runnel, William
Seward, John
Smoot, Dixon
Snook, Mart
Snoop Jacob
Snuff, Jacob
Stets, John
Stiles, John
Suten, James
Thomas, David
Thompson, John
Tindles, J
Tingel, George
Trimble, James
Trump, Andrew
Vingard, John
Vorhes, John
Vorhis, Jeremiah
Wallach, William
Warren, Zachariah
Weeks, Job
Wright, George
Wright, Ragen

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