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Roll Of Capt. Clark Parker’s Company

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(Probably from Geauga County)

Served from August 22, until October 2, 1812
Part served from December 1, until February 27,

Capt. Clark Parker
Lieut. Caleb G. Foges
Ensign, Caleb Baldwin
Sergt. William P. Scott
Sergt. Jared Nicholson
Sergt. Theodore Royes
Sergt. Jonathan Russell
Sergt. Stephen Worthington
Sergt. Jonothan Hill
Sergt. Moses Allen
Sergt. Stephen King
Corp. Charles H. Paine
Corp. Ephraim Morrison
Corp. Lewis Smith
Corp. Henry Fitch
Corp. Chester Dean
Drummer, Joseph Burke
Fifer, Avery Button


Abot, Josiah
Adams, Sebastion
Ames, Isaac
Andrews, Amos
Archer, William
Arthur, William
Bacon, Dexter
Baker, Noah
Barker, Samuel
Barker, William
Bates, Caleb
Bradby, Selah
Bradley, Gomer
Buchanan, John
Burdet, Rurand
Burgess, Robert
Calhoun, Amos
Carlton, Guy
Chandler, David
Chase, Daniel
Clapp, Orris
Coleman, Jacob
Craft, Thomas
Cranny, John
Craw, Henry
Crawford, William
Crocker, Frederick D
Crooks, James
Crossman, Abner
Dennison, David
Dillingham, John
Dunn, Elijah
Dustman, Jacob
Eckman, James
Field, Wawing
Fight, Jacob
Fowler, Henry
Frank, Jacob
Gilbert, Henry
Gilbert, Samuel
Goldsmith, Jonothan
Granger, John
Granger, Samuel
Gun, Christopher
Gunn, Elijah
Hamilton, Hugh
Harding, Jacob
Harper, John R
Harvey, Luther
Hayes, Ebenezer
Hayes, Seth
Herrington, John
Hill, David
Hoel John
Hooton, John
Hudson, Was F
Iles, Jeremiah
Jack, James
James, John
John, Elliott
Johnson, Samuel
Johnson, William
Jones, Olive
Kinney, Manvah
Knopp, Christian
Landon, Henry
Leonard William
Love, Samuel
Love, William
Marlatt, George
Maxurm, John
McCloud, Francis
McCombs, Thomas
McCreary, John
McCreary, William
McMillen, James
McMullen, James
McMullin, Charles
Miller, Theodore
Minor, Phil
Moore, Henry S
Moore, Henry T.
Moore, Isaac
Morley, Isaac
Murphy, John
Newton, James
Norton, Simon
Nye, Ebenezer
Olds, Daniel
Olds, James
Pain, Franklin’
Paris, John
Park, Solomon
Parker, Calvin
Parker, Henry
Parsons, Horace
Patterson. Richard
Paxton, John
Peterman, Jacob
Potter, Samuel CY
Pratt, Harvey
Prentice, Robert
Rathbone, John
Rawlins, James
Reed, William
Rose, Robert
Rumage, Thomas
Rusage, James
Russell, Eliakim
Russell, Ralph
Sebastian, Freeman F
Sell, John
Simons, Adam
Smith, Francis
Smith, William
Spargo, George
Spencer, Allen
Spencer, Allen Sr.
Stall, Andrew
Thomas, Levi
Thompson, William
Townsley, John
Turner, Conrad
Turner, Samuel
Upton, Benjamin
VanNorman, Joseph
Webster, Elijah
White, James
White, John
Wood, Benjamin
Wright, Alexander
Young, John

MLA Source Citation:

Ohio. Adjutant General's Office. Roster of Ohio soldiers in the War of 1812. Columbus, Ohio: Press of the Edward T. Miller Co. 1916. Web. 1 September 2016.
- Last updated on Jun 28th, 2011

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