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Roll Of Capt. Calvin Hoadly’s Company

(County Unknown)

Served from August 27 until November 1, 1812.

Capt. Calvin Hoadly
Lieut. Lathrop Seymour
Ensign, Daniel Bronson
Sergt. Silas Wilmot
Sergt. Elias Frost
Sergt. Samuel Y. Potter
Sergt. David Beebe
Corp. Richard Vaughn
Corp. Noah Warner
Corp. Ephraim Vaughn
Corp. Roswell Scoville


Adams, Benoni
Beeb, Loman C.
Bunnel, Daniel
Culver, Martial
Doam, Timothy
Eddy, David
Fowls, Abraham
Fowls, Ephraim
Fowls, John
Frost, Lyman I
Geer, James
Hickcox, Eri
Hickcox, Jared
Hickcox, Samuel
Hill, John W
Hoadly, Clark
Morgan, Asa
Morgan, Ira B
Morgan, Sylvester
Osborn, Thomas
Pardy, Samuel
Potter, Zaphna
Pritchard, Beard
Robinson, Asath
Terrell, Iryah S
Terrell, Oliver
Terrell, Tillotson
Terrell, Wyllys
Tunell, Philander
Tyler, Seymour
Vaughn, Jonothan
Wilmot, Ebenezer
Wooster, Sheldon

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