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Chatham County, North Carolina – Wills 1784-1799

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1784 ASHFORD, WILLIAM, John and Sarah.
1786 ALLEN, WILLIAM, Mary (wife), John and Betsy.
1789 ALSTON, WILLIAM, John J., William C., Oroondates, Mary Ann and Ann.
1795 ANDERSON, JAMES, Martha, Jane, Susanna and Mary, Lewis, Lucy; Holcomb and Henrietta, (sisters).

1784 BRASWELL, HENRY, Sarah (wife), Cynthia and William.
1784 BROWDER, ABNER, Wife (not named), Lucy, John, Nancy, Sally and Polly.
1784 BROWDER, EDMOND, wife (not named); John, Darius, Lois, Molly Emma, Silvia and, De borah.
1785 BANKS, DAVID, Elizabeth (wife), Mary, James, Sarah and Drewry.
1790 BRAY, HENRY, Mary (wife), Edward and Henry.
1792 BREWER, OLIVER, Rebecca (wife), George, Oliver, William, Henry, Christopher, Frances and Edward.
1795 BEASLEY, HENRY, Isham, Martha, Tabitha and Betty.
1796 BROOKS, THOMAS, Mary (wife), Stephen, Thomas, Samuel, Attie, Rebecca and Hannah.
1796 BROWN, ARCHIBALD, Agnes (wife), Andrew, Benjamin, Frank, Jenny, Anna.
1797 BROWN, ABNER, wife (not named); Lucy, Sally, John, Nancy and Polly.
1799 BOOKER, JOHN, Omai (wife), John, Sally, Nancy, Polly, Isaiah, Hardy, Jane, William, Phoebe, Susanna and James.

1787 CRUTCHFIELD, HENRY, Milly (wife), James, John, Henry and Elizabeth.
1791 COLLINS, WILLIAM, Sarah (wife), Mary and James.
1793 COPELAND, WILLIAM, wife (not named), Richard and John.
1795 CLARK, WILLIAM, Frances (wife); Anne, Mary, Fanny and Winny.
1795 CROW, JAMES, John, James, Stephen, Reuben, Isaac, Abel, William, Hannah and Abba.
1796 CRUMP, JOSEPH. Patty (wife), John, William, Judith, Sally, Celia and Patty.

1784 DUNCAN, GEORGE, Elizabeth (mother), Peter (brother).
1793 DENNIS, JOSEPH, Mary (wife), Anderson and Richard.

1790 EDWARDS, EDWARD, Agnes (wife), Robert, Eliza, Hannah, John and Aaron.
1791 EKMAN, ADAM, Ann (wife), Elizabeth, Polly, Amy, Nancy, James.
1795 EVANS, THOMAS, Agnes (wife), John, Charles, Elizabeth, Susanna and Thomas.

1796 FOREMAN, BENJAMIN, Mary (wife), Isabel, Millicent, Mary and Elizabeth.
1799 FIELDS, HENRY, John, Richard, Lewis, James, David, Mary Ann, Theophilus, Sarah, Abraham and Isaac.

1796 GLASS, THOMAS, Martha (wife), children (not named).
1796 GRIFFITH, ROGER, William, Sarah, Polly, Celia, John and Pleasant.
1798 GEORGE, HARRIS, Mary (wife), Pressley and Emsley.
1798 GLOVER, BENJAMIN, Frankey (wife), Elizabeth, William, Williamson and Pacely.

1784 HIGHTOWER, AUSTIN, Martha (wife), William, Austin, Sterling, Amelia and Henry.
1786 HADLEY, JEREMIAH, Mary (wife), Lydia, James, John and Jeremiah.
1791 HUNTER, MARGARET, James, Aaron, Andrew, Elijah and John.
1795 HEADEN, SARAH, Andrew, William, Aaron, Susanna, John, Rachel and Sarah.
1796 HEATHCOCK, NANCY, William.

1780 KEMP, RICHARD, Susanna (wife), Joseph, Margery, Prudence, Richard and Rachel.
1792 JONES, AARON, Hannah (wife), Miriam, Jemima and Sarah.
1793 JONES, MATTHEW, Elizabeth (wife), Thomas, Polly, Robert, Mary and John (brother).
1794 JUSTICE, JOHN, Elizabeth, Stephen, Allen, Elizabeth, Keziah, John, David, William.
1796 KELLY, HENRY, Mary (wife), children (not named).

1784 LASATER, WILLIAM, Keziah (wife), Thomas, Mary, Abner, William, Hezekiah, Jacob, James and Hardy.
1784 LINDSAY, CALEB, John, Joan, Sarah, Susanna, James and William.
1785 LEDBETTER, JOHN, Amy (wife), John, Sarah and Chloe.
1794 LEDBETTER, JOHN, Elizabeth (wife), James, Cine and Tare.
1797 LUTTERLOH, HENRY L., Elizabeth (wife), James G., Charles and Henry.

1785 MATTHEWS, THOMAS, Margaret Wife), Sarah, William, Hannah, Thomas, Elizabeth, Ezekiel and Margaret.
1785 MILLIKIN, CHARLES, Ann (wife), Robert, James, Charles, George, Quentin, Jenny.
1787 MARSHALL, JOHN, Ruth (wife), Jacob, William, Anne, Ruth, Benjamin, Joseph, Isaac and Abram.
1788 MORGAN, CHARLES, Joseph, Hannah, Rachel Charles and Edward.
1794 MCMASTERS, JAMES, Susanna (wife), John, Andrew, William, James, Sarah, Jonathan, Lewis, Samuel and Simon.
1795 MADDOX, DAVID, Sally (wife), William, John, Michael and Talton.
1796 MINTER, PHILIP, James, Celia, Elizabeth and Joseph.
1796 MINTER, WILLIAM, Sally (wife); Richard, Elizabeth, Polly and Sallie.
1798 MURRAY, JANE, Jane, Jessie, Sarah and Ann.
1799 MCSWAN, JOHN, Clementine (wife), Dennis, Edmond, Martin, Clementine and Samuel.

1798 OSBORN, STEPHEN, Mary (wife), Aaron, John, Christopher and Rebecca.

1784 PAYLET, ROBERT, Caroline (wife), James, William, John, Benjamin and Elizabeth.
1794 POE, SIMON, Rhoda (wife), Sarah, Mary, Jane, William, James, Frances.
1799 PEARCE, RICHARD, Martha (wife).
1799 PEOPLES, HUGH, Abigail (wife), John, Abigail, Ruth and Anne.

1794 QUACKENBUSH, PETER, John, Peter, Sarah, Anne, Rhoda and Reache.

1787 RATCLIFF, THOMAS, Hannah (wife); Amos and Abner.
1788 RAGLAND, WILLIAM, Sarah (wife), Ann, John, Thomas, Fred, Elizabeth, Robert, Mary, Dinah and Bridget.
1790 RICHARDS, HENRY, Robert, John, William, Henry, Thomas, Christian, Elizabeth, Sarah, Mary.
1792 RAY, WILLIAM, Patty (wife), Nancy, Anne, Winnie, Milly and John.
1794 RHODES, WILLIAM, Susanna (wife), Lucy, William and Hannah.
1798 ROYSTER, ELIZABETH, Bennett, Elizabeth (daughter), Petty, William, Thomas, Jean and Patsy (granddaughters).
1799 ROWE, JOHN, Mary (wife).

1706 SHORT, WILLIAM, Merinia (wife), George, William, Nancy.
1784 SMITH, DAVID, Mary (wife), David.
1787 SNIPES, WILLIAM, Sarah (wife), Thomas, William, Sarah, Susanna, Rhoda, Tabitha.
1789 SPURS, ROBERT, Elizabeth (wife).
1792 SWANNER, RICHARDSON, Elida (wife), children (not named).
1794 STEWART, JAMES, Elizabeth (wife), Thomas, James, Jeptha.
1799 STINSON, AARON, Rebecca (wife); John, Aaron, Moses, Joshua, Rebecca, Hannah, Molly, James, Rachel, Alex, Ann and Susanna.

1784 TEMPLE, SAMUEL, Samuel, Martha, Ruth, Statia, Benjamin, Mary, Pheraba, Elizabeth.
1784 THOMPSON, HANNAH, John, Balaam, Susanna, Mary, Sarah, Hannah, Ann, William.
1792 TAYLOR, JOHN, James and Philip (brothers).
1795 TAYLOR, PHILIP, wife, Philip, John, James, Iphigenia, Alphea, Polly.
1798 TABOR, THOMAS, Amos, Philip, Delilah and Collier.
1799 TEAGUE, MOSES, Rachel (wife), David, Moses, Isaiah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, William, Elizabeth, Susanna, Hannah, Charlotte.

1792 VANDERFORD, JOHN, Martha (wife), Richard, Elizabeth, Mary, Sally, Anna, Hannah, William, Eli, Susanna.

1784 WELCH, MICHAEL, Eve (wife), Henry, William.
1784 WICKER, THOMAS, Mary (wife), Robert, David, Thomas, James, John, Temperance.
1784 WILKERSON, JOHN, Margaret (wife), Solomon, Jacob.
1787 WISE, JOHN, Mary (wife), Lucy.
1794 WICKER, JAMES, Milly (wife), Priscilla.
1796 WILKINS, JOHN, Betty (wife), John, William, James, Jane, Sarah.
1796 WILLIs, JAMES, Elizabeth (wife), Suckey, Jemima, Wilson, Larkin, Molly, Nanny, Elijah, Elisha.
1798 WELCH, WALTER, Mary (wife), Matthew, Michael, Walter, James, Isaac, Mary, Alice, Catherine.
1799 WHITE, JOHN, Wife (not named), Lucy, John.
1799 WINTER, DANIEL, Samuel, Sarah, Lydia, Ruth, Ann.

1795 ZACHARY, JONATHAN, Jane (wife), William, Betsy, Nancy, Jonathan.

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