This cemetery is located on Bud Parker Rd. Not sure if in Pitt or Edgecombe County. Roads intertwined in this area.

Name Birth Death Comments Pitt/Edgecombe County, NC
Hardy G Parker 1805 1883 Married 1845
Sarah 1814 1898 Wife of HG Parker
Rufus A Parker 5.27.1856 6.2.1937
Mollie B 4.14.1856 1.17.1897 Wife of Rufus A Parker
Clayton Parker 1879 1888 Son of Arthur and Mary Parker
Arthur R Parker 1851 1883 Married 1875 in Belvoir
Mary W Wife of Arthur R Parker
Sarah 7.20.1898 Wife of HG Parker. Age 84 This was another marker as above info

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