This African American Cemetery is located on 903 N in middle of field on right. Located in Martin County. Well maintained enclosed with new fence.

NameBirthDeathCommentsMartin County, NC
Alexander Clark1.16.188712.20.1963
Nancy Ann Taylor Rolax9.5.18677.11.1940
Julius Abram Taylor, Jr12.12.19007.21.1907Son of Rev Julius Abram Taylor
Julius Abram Taylor, III10.11.192412.20.1928Son of Rev Julius Abram Taylor
Alice T Taylor8.15.18899.20.1980
Rev Julius A Taylor6.10.186910.17.1951
Annie Ward Taylor9.12.18759.9.1917Wife of Rev Julius A Taylor
Bettie Taylor10.23.18231.10.1897Mother Wife of Abram Taylor
Abram Taylor11.11.18183.15.1892Father
Jane Manning Whitfield6.2.18604.11.1941Grandmother

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