HENRY PEARSALL, Hempstead. “This being the last will and testament of Henry Pearsall, Hee being in his right senses, notwithstanding very weake in Body.” Leaves to Joseph Williams “a pair of oxen I bought of Mr. Fordhams,” also some land upon ye north side lying in the New Field. Makes wife sole executor, and mentions “the four youngest of my children.” “I desire at the death of my wife the housing and land should be left to my son Nathaniel.”

Dated July 24, 1667. Witnesses, Joseph Sutton, Clerk. Thomas Rushmore, Timothy Halstead. Proved March 1668.

LIBER 1-2, page 23

Wee, John Williams, Joseph Williams, and Timothy Halstead, do acquit and discharge our late father-in-law (step-father) Henry Pearsall, his heirs and executors, from all demands of houses or lands, and all other goods that formerly were of our owne father Michael Williams, deceased.

Dated July 28, 1667. Anne Pearsall is appointed executrix of the will of her late husband Henry Pearsall, deceased.

LIBER 1-2, page 24