Grant Maitland Kennedy, who was for a number of years identified with educational matters in the state of New York, and who has since then been engaged in the furniture and undertaking business, is of Scotch ancestry.

(I) James Kennedy was born in Kells, Kirkcudbright county, Scotland, June 12, 1791, died October 13, 1888. He was a surveyor of taxes in Scotland, and a farmer after he came to America. He attended the Protestant church. He married, October 11, 1824, Margaret Houston, born September 15, 1806, died June 19, 1881. Children : 1. Mary, married Matthew Henderson, of Yates county, New York. 2. Francis M., see forward. 3. David, married Sarah Barker. 4. John, married Emerette Barker. 5. Robert, lived in Geneva, New York, and married Emma Robson. 6. Barbara, married Joseph McConnell, of Italy, Yates county, New York. 7. Jane, married Niram Squire, of Yates county, New York.