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Marriages In The Village Of Bergen In New Jersey 1744-1754


234 June 5. Albertus Spier, Y. M., born and living at Pemmerpog, and Orseltje Westervelt, Y. D., born and living at Hackensack.

235 August 20. Johannis Evers, Y. M., and Seytje Spier, Y. D.

236 October 20. Hartman Blinckerhoff, Y. M., and Claasie Van Houten, Y. D.


237 June 14. Johannis Pryer, Y. M., and Geertruyt Siggelse, Y. D. 1746

238 March 22. Gerrit Van Wagenen, Y. M., and Margrietje Van Winkel, Y. D.

239 December 18. Abraham Pryer, Y. M., and Martje Sickels, Y. D. Were married in presence of Justices Michiel Vreeland and Pieter Marselis.


240 October 11. Jacob Demoth, Y. M., and Feytje Van Houten, Y. D., both from Bergen.


241 October 17. Johannis Van Wagenen, Y. M., and Aaltje Vreeland, Y. D.


242 October 8. Livynus Winne, Y. M., and Annatje Zip, Y. D.

243 October 8. Robbert Sikkels, Y. M., and Antje Winne, Y. D.

244 October 8. Andries Preyer, Y. M., and Geertruy Sickels, Y. D.


245 November 8. Johannis Van Wagenen, Y. M., and Neesje Van Wagenen, Y. D.


246 April 11. Ide Marcelisse, Y. M., and Ariaantje Siph, Y. D., both born and living at Bergen.

MLA Source Citation:

The Holland Society. Year Books of the Holland Society of New York. New York: The Holland Society. 1914. Web. 10 February 2016.
- Last updated on Sep 16th, 2012

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