This name was at first used as a prefix or title to other names, but finally became a surname throughout England. Several noteworthy families of this name are mentioned through the centuries following the Norman conquest, sketches and incidents of whom are of abundant record. They adopted armorial ensigns, or coat of arms, varying in significance and design. A leading one of these bore the motto: “Imitari quam invidere,” signifying, “I imitate those whom you envy.” The paternity of early emigrants is often veiled in a greater or less degree of uncertainty. So in this case, the parentage of Ephraim Child and Benjamin Child, his nephew, cannot be given. Together they came to America in 1630 and settled in Watertown, Mass. From Benjamin1, have sprung all of the name who have ever lived in Cornish. He, with Mary, his wife, became the parents of twelve children. Benjamin2, their second child, was born in Roxbury, Mass., in 1656. He m. Grace Morris, March 7, 1683. They also had twelve children. Ephraim3, their first child, was born in Roxbury, Mass.. Dec. 8, 1683; m. Priscilla Harris in 1710. He, with six of his brothers migrated to Woodstock. Conn., then called “New Roxbury.” Ephraim3 and Priscilla had ten children. Their second son, Daniel4, was b. in Woodstock, Jan., 1713; m. Jan.. 1747. Ruth Ammidown Curtis. They had six children. Stephen,, was their third child and third son.

1. STEPHEN5 CHILD (Daniel4, Ephraim3, Benjamin2-1) was b. Nov. 27, 1749. in Woodstock, Conn. Came to Cornish March 8, 1773. Bought and lived on the farm now occupied by his grandson, W. H. Child. Entered the army of ti. S. May 7, 1777; marched from Cornish under Col. Jonathan Chase to Ticonderoga, N. Y., ninety miles, to reinforce the Northern Continental army under Gen. Gates; was discharged June 8, 1777, after serving one month and twelve days; enlisted again Sept. 23, 1777, under Col. Chase, and marched to Saratoga, N. Y., 110 miles, rendering service of one month and one day. He was at the surrender of Burgoyne Oct. 17; he served as corporal during each term of service. On Sept. 8, 1778, be m. Mercy, eldest dau. of Dea. Dudley and Alice (Corbett) Chase, who with their children had removed from Sutton, Mass., and were the first family of settlers in Cornish that included any women. Mercy was ten years of age, when she, with her mother, came to town. (See Settlement.) She was b. April 6, 1753, and d. in Cornish Dec. 27, 1835, aged 80. Mr. Child d. May 24, 1831. Children, all b. in Cornish:

i. DANIEL, b. Aug. 6, 1779; m. Nov. 11, 1804, Apama Lyman. They settled in Bethel, Vt. He was a surveyor; was accounted good authority in legal matters and did a large amount of business in those lines being accounted a prominent man in Bethel. -Nine children. He d. Jan. 7, 1853.
ii. RUTH CURTIS, b. Dec. 25, 1780; m. Feb., 1803, Samuel M. Chase, who was b. in Walpole, Aug. 15, 1782, d. in Langdon Feb. 19, 1820. They lived in Langdon and had ten children. (See Chase.) She d. March 11, 1856, in the home of her son, Samuel, then president of Jubilee College in Jubilee, 111.
iii. ENOS, b. Jan. 10, 1783; m. Aug. 2:3, 1806, Sarah Bemis of Cornish, dau. of Benj. B. and Abigail (Hall) Bemis, b. in Spencer, Vt., Sept. 3, 1783. Lived in Cornish a few years and then rem. to Bethel, Vt., where they spent their lives. They had ten children. A son of theirs, Dr. Asaph Bemis Child, b. Aug. 22, 1813, became a noted dentist in Boston; also a Spiritualist, and became distinguished as an author by publishing several books on Spiritualism. Enos d. Jan. 30, 839.
iv. URSULA, b. June 2, 1785; m. Nov. 2, 1806, Eben Comings of Cornish. They lived in Cornish till she d. June 29, 1831. Six children. (See Comings.)
v. ALICE, b. April 2, 1787; m. Dec. 24, 1812, Bela Chase, a brother of her sister Ruth’s husband. Lived in Cornish. Five children. (See Chase.) He d. Sept. 9. 1841. She d. May 6, 1857, with her son, Francis X., in Oregon. Ill.
vi. EUDOCIA, b. June 27, 1789; m. June 8, 1806, Benjamin Freeman. They lived in Plainfield. Six children. (See Freeman.) Mr. Freeman was b. in Plainfield Aug. 6, 1781, and d. June, 1828. She d. March 15, 860.
vii. ARAMINTA, b. Sept. 3, 1791; d. in infancy Oct. 6, 1791.
viii. STEPHEN, JR_, b. Aug. 20, 1792.
ix. MERCY, b. May 10. 1794; m. March 18, 1819, Abner Palmer, who was b. in Langdon Nov. 27. 1792, and d. April, 1856. They lived in Alstead. Three children. She d. Jan.. 1836.
x. JENNY, b. Nov. 4, 1797, m. March 12, 1820, Jacob J. Safford of Randolph, Vt., who was b. June 9, 1795. Six children. Lived and d. in Oberlin, O. Were prominent supporters and patrons of the college there.
xi. PRUDENCE, b. March 7, 1800; d. in infancy Aug. 25, 1802.