JOHN NELSON3 KENYON (Mumford2, Joseph1) was b. in 1807; m. Mary Fortune, b. in 1808, and d. in Cornish July 18, 1865. He d. Nov. 1, 1864. The order and dates of birth of their children are uncertain:

1. GEORGE A., b. in 1828. He d. unm. April 27, 1858.
2. CHARLES N., b. Jan. 16, 1831.
3. MARY, d. in Lowell, Mass.
4. JOHN S., Soon after he became of age, he left home and town for parts unknown, and his relatives have never heard from him.
5. MYRA A., b. -; m. Henry Hall of Lebanon. Three children:
A. Frank A.
B. Winnie M.
C. Alice.