CAPT. AMASA HALL, Son of Abijah Hall, was born Feb. 7, 1789; married Rebecca L. Melendy in 1811. He was an active business man and one of our most successful farmers. He was distinguished for energy and decision of character, a clear bead and ready judgment. He belonged to that portion of Croydon which was subsequently set off to Grantham. He was a Captain in the war of 1812; was Selectman of Grantham for eight years; Representative from Croydon in 1824 and 1825, and from Grantham in 1832, ’34, ’35, and ’36; Road Commissioner in 1841, and a Director in Sugar River Bank from its first organization until 1861. He was an influential member of the Congregational Church. In 1858 he retired from active business.