AUGUSTA COOPER BRISTOL, daughter of Col. Otis and
Hannah Powers Cooper, was born April 17, 1835. She was early distinguished for a vigorous intellect, great fondness for music, and a passion for poetry and literature. She taught school with decided success from sixteen to twentyone. She gave much attention to music ; and her frequent Contributions, both of poetry and prose, to some of the leading journals and magazines of the day, commencing at the age of fifteen, find many admirers. She was married to Mr. Gustavus F. Kimball, of East Canaan, N. H., in August, 1857, by whom she had one daughter, and from whom she was divorced after four years of wedded life. In January, 1866, she married Louis Bristol, a lawyer, and removed to Carbondale, Ill., where she now resides, and where her time is divided between her domestic duties and a free indulgence in her favorite passion for literature and poetry.