A small tribe in the Indian Territory associated with the Caddo, Kiowa, and others on the Wichita agency. They are well advanced toward civilization.

List of illustrations

738-739. Dave.

740-741. Caw-Lac-Its-Ca. Son of Dave.

A small band of Indians living in the southern portion of California, who are extensively intermarried with the Mexicans. They are a thrifty, prosperous people, fully able to take good care of themselves, and are not under the care of any agent.

List of illustrations

993. Ka-Lek. Hanging.
Chief of the Temicula, and delegate recently to Washington, to seek from the General Government the restitution of some of their land, from which this tribe had been ejected by the State government. Is a man of marked intelligence, and speaks Spanish fluently. Age, 45; height, 5.10; head, 23½; chest, 47½; weight, 245.

994. Andrew Magrand
Temicula and Mexican half-breed. Age, 27.

995. John Clift
Temicula and Mexican half-breed. Age, 25.