Senijextee Indians. Significance unknown. Also called:

  • Lake Indians, a popular name for them because they lived on the Arrow Lakes.

Senijextee Connections. The Senijextee belonged to the inland division of the Salishan linguistic stock, and were most closely connected with the Sanpoil.

Senijextee Location. On both sides of the Columbia River from Kettle Falls to the Canadian boundary, the valley of Kettle River, Kootenay River from its mouth to the first falls, and the region of the Arrow Lakes, B. C. The Lake Indians on the American side were placed on Colville Reservation.

Senijextee Population. Mooney (1928) estimates their numbers at 500 in 1780. In 1909 the United States Office of Indian Affairs reported 342 on Colville Reservation. The census of 1910 identifies them with the Colville and returns 785.