Queets Indians or Quaitso Indians. Significance unknown.

Queets Connections. The Queets belonged to the Coastal division of the Salishan linguistic family and were most intimately related to their neighbors to the south, the Quinault Indians.

Queets Location. On Queets River and its branches.

Queets Population. Lewis and Clark in 1805 estimated that the Queets numbered 250. They then occupied 18 houses. Mooney (1928) estimated that in 1780 they and the Quinault together numbered 1,500, but Olson (1936) regards this figure as too high. Olson prints an estimate of 82 as their present population, including 23 males over 18, 32 females over 14, and 16 children between 6 and 16. In 1909 there were 62.

Connection in which the Queets Indians have become noted. The name of the Queets is perpetuated in that of Queets River.