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New York and North Dakota Indians Wounded in Action

New York and North Dakota Indians Wounded in Action

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The following Indians Wounded in Action, are listed by Name, Tribe and Location of death. The name under the photograph is the person shown.  No additional information was provided in the book.

New York

  • Arthur Lazore, Mohawk, France
  • Leonard Beaubien, Mohawk, France
  • Friacis Billings, Mohawk, France
  • Stanley Connors, Mohawk, Palaus
  • Louis Martin, Mohawk, Europe
  • Wilford Smith, Tonawanda-Seneca
  • Orlando Scorgg,  Tonawanda-Seneca, France
  • Warren Spring, Tonawanda-Seneca
  • Eugene Reuben, Tonawanda-Seneca
  • Cortland Luna, Tonawanda-Seneca
  • Marvin Crouse, Onondaga
  • Randall Poodry, Tonawanda-Seneca, Tunis
  • Edward Black, Onondaga, France
  • Vincent Printup, Tuscarora
  • Harrison Henry, Tuscarora
  • William Mt. Pleasant, Tuscarora
  • Frederick Schanandoah, Onondaga, Italy
  • Chapman Schanandoah, Onondaga, Atlantic
  • Clifford Crouse, Seneca, France
  • Delbert Crowe, Seneca, Luzon
  • Donald Black, Seneca, Brazil
  • Wilbur Shongo, Seneca, Pacific
  • Merle Warner, Seneca, Italy

North Dakota

  • Russell F. Deserly, Arikara, France
  • Albert Archambault, Sioux (Standing Rock), Anzio
  • Herbert Buffalo Boy, , Sioux (Standing Rock), Holland
  • Lawrence Bearsheart, Sioux (Standing Rock), Normandy
  • Patrick Blackcloud, Sioux (Standing Rock), Betio Island
  • Leslie Shields, Sioux (Standing Rock), Atlantic
  • Sidney Cottonwood, Sioux (Standing Rock), Germany
  • Joe Ramsay, Sioux (Standing Rock), Germany
  • Garfield Antelope, Sioux (Standing Rock), Leyte
  • Gilbert Goodiron, Sioux (Standing Rock), Italy
  • George Goodwood, Sioux (Standing Rock), Europe
Lawrence Bearsheart, Sioux

Lawrence Bearsheart, Sioux

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