Fort Gibson, Indian Territory,
February 10, 1871.

Hon. E. B. FRENCH, Second Auditor:
We have been requested to inquire whether bounty has been paid on account of services of Sitting Bear, late of Company G, Third Regiment Indian Home Guards. The brother of the soldier claims to be the heir, and has never received bounty.

Wright’s book shows “claim filed January, 1866, on behalf of Dutch Canoe, son of deceased,” and that $113.90 was the amount collected. There is interpolated the following remark: “Not to be paid-fraud;” but whether the amount fraudulently obtained was refunded to the Treasury by the attorney does not appear.

Also if additional bounty was paid Mariah Duck, widow of John, Company F, Third Indian Home Guards. Widow died before allowance of claim.

Very respectfully, yours,
Pension-Agent, and Special Agent Pension-Office.

[Second Auditor responds that Wright received money and did not refund.]