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This is based on the fact that the person providing the following information was born in 1940, for younger individual you will need additional generations.

Here is a short check list you might want to look over before submitting your papers. It is a guide to help you, help them!!  When I say you need birth, death and marriage certificates these need to be Official state certified records – not copies.

  1. Your full name, address, telephone number and birth certificate, and marriage certificate.  (born 1940)
  2. Completed application form (downloadable from the BIA website) for CDIB card. Certificate of Degree of Indian or Alaska Native Blood. You may also obtain the form by writing an area office for a copy.
    1. For Cherokee Nation, From the Cherokee Nation.
    2. For Choctaw, From the Choctaw Nation
    3. For Chickasaw, From the Chickasaw Nation
    4. For Creek, From the Creek Nation
    5. For Seminole, From the Seminole Nation
  3. Your parents full name, birth, death, and marriage certificate for both of them.  (You need both, after all they are your parents, so you need both of them to prove who you are, even if the Native American heritage is only on one side.) (born 1915-1921)
    1. Some kind of proof where this family lived for the past 50 years. (This isn’t necessary but helpful.)
    2. Review our How to Search and South East Native American Research pages.
    3. Tribal roll records
    4. Final Rolls (They had to be living in Oklahoma in 1914 to be on the Dawes Rolls)
    5. A list of rolls that may be of assistance during this time period. You will need to know which tribe.
      1. Kern Clifton Roll ~ 1897
      2. Churchill Roll ~ 1908
      3. Guion Miller Roll ~ 1909
      4. Baker Roll ~ 1924 (For Eastern Cherokee, must prove relationship to person on this roll)
    6. Indian Census Records, wills, property ownership
  4. Your grand parents full name, birth death and marriages certificates for both of them. (born 1890-1895) Now the research becomes harder!!  In many states there was no birth, death and marriage registration prior to 1900.  You can use tribal roll records, census records, probate records, baptism records.  Again you will need to know where these people lived and census records are your best source.  Except for Native Americans, who hid, lied, and avoided the census taker all together.
    1. Final Rolls (Dawes) These will not be of any use to your unless your family was living in Oklahoma between 1898-1914.
    2. Final Rolls Census packets.  If you know your family was in Oklahoma and you can find them on the Dawes Roll, by all means, send for the census packet.  This packet can contain additional information on your direct ancestor and related ancestors.  It also may tell you no more than you presently know.  Census packet how to order.
    3. A list of rolls that may be of assistance during this time period. You will need to know which tribe.
      1. Index to Final Roll ~ 1889~1914
      2. McKennon Roll ~ 1889
      3. Wallace Roll ~ 1890
  5. Your great grandparents full name, birth death and marriage certificates for both. (born 1865-1870)
    1. A list of rolls that may be of assistance during this time period. You will need to know which tribe.
      1. Swetland Roll ~ 1869
      2. Hester Roll ~ 1883
    2. Indian Census Records, by all means try the census, you never know what you will find.
  6. Your great great grandparents, full name, birth, death and marriage certificates for both. (born 1845-1850)
    1. A list of rolls that may be of assistance during this time period. You will need to know which tribe.
      1. Mullay Roll ~ 1848
      2. Chapman Roll ~ 1851
      3. Old Settler Roll ~ 1851
      4. Siler Roll ~ 1852
      5. Drennen Roll ~ 1852
      6. Cooper Roll ~ 1855
    2. Indian Census Records.
  7. Your great great great grandparents, full name, birth, death and marriage certificates for both. (born 1825-1830)
    1. A list of rolls that may be of assistance during this time period. You will need to know which tribe.
      1. Reservation Roll ~ 1817
      2. Emigration Roll ~ 1817~1835
    2. Indian Census Records
  8. If you are still researching at this point, then you are doing it for your own personal satisfaction, that you are Native American, and there should be more people like you!!  At this point unless your family intermarried with another Native American you are only 1/128, this is not a high enough blood quantum to be excepted by many tribes.

Good luck and let us know if these pages helped you in your research.


  1. Elton Manygoats

    alot of the info you have here is not correct such as “Final Rolls (They had to be living in Oklahoma in 1914 to be on the Dawes Rolls)” quoted from this page.

    Now on the Oklahoma page there is this info…..
    About the Dawes Rolls
    Officially known as The Final Rolls of the Citizens and Freedmen of the Five Civilized Tribes in Indian Territory, the Dawes Rolls list individuals who chose to enroll and were approved for membership in the Five Civilized Tribes (Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek, and Seminole.) Enrollment for the Dawes Rolls began in 1898 and ended in 1906.
    What kind of information will I find on the Dawes Rolls? SOOO… Please dont give up on searching for your ancestry you matter and are important..

  2. Bryan Redfearn

    Also Wyandot they were assimilated into the Cherokee.

  3. Georgia Martinez

    Hi My name is Georgia i am looking for my biological mother. Her tribe is from Alute, Alaska she is Native. Never met her all i know is her name from the birth certificate “Marie Chute” in the Court papers it states she has a sister by the name Barbara and they are Natives. If anyone could please help me. I was born 1983

  4. Jeff Makormovic

    The Chippewa of Kettle and Stony Point need to be added to the Ontario Tribes page

  5. Bridgette Hall

    My grandmother had her Cherokee CDIB card but she never got to give us the information before she died.. So what do I need to do to get CDIB cards for my kids and I??

    • EPHall

      Im sorry to bother you. I have been searching for along time for information on my grandmother her Name is Elizabeth Pansy Hall born 1918. Know one knows anything about her and i keep hitting dead ends. And when i would research online it keeps bringing up web sites that have to do with Indians. I kinda feel weird about messaging you like this not knowing you. But im super sad for her. When i became an adult i went searching for her to find her in a hospital dieing and she could not speck. No one knew anything about her family. And not one hall showed up at her funeral in 2002. I was separated from her at the age of 12 because she had Alzheimer’s and could not care for me. My father was her son and had autism and i learned when i found her that he had already passed. I do not have any halls to ask. She was not married at time of death. If you can help me or maybe lead me in a good direction i would be very grateful. It took alot of guts for me to message you like this.. Also i cannot go to my mom. She abandoned me with my father and my grandmother when i was 8. Her family was NO help. All i got from them was that my grandmother was never excepted into there family. Which lead to my grandfather divorcing her. And he had already passed by the time i found her in hospital.I would love to find her family. She was the only family i had that truely loved me and made me feel wanted and loved. I have a photo of her that was in her stuff when she passed. She looks like she is about my current age now in the photo which is 35. If it would help i can email a copy. I was told the other by someone who i didnt know who was reaching family like me at a church that when they couldnt find who they were looking for it was because they were listed on a indian roll. I stoped and started thinking about how when i would type her name it would bring up indian web sites. So i started thinking maybe i was looking in the wrong place. I dont know how to research Indians.Hopefully you can help me. I have three young boys and a loving husband of almost 14 years that i would love to tell them more about where i come from. My email is My name is Kristy. I look just like my granmother.

  6. Saraha Cook

    how do i register for this i have cherokee and navho in my blood


    Hi Canadian tribes. Here in COLOMBIA we have a lot of tribes. Many of their integrants still living like 500 years ago !!!!!….is possible to do international people exchange?


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