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1817 Cherokee Reservation Roll

1817 Cherokee Reservation Roll

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A listing of Cherokees claimants applying for a 640 acre tract in the East in lieu of removing to Arkansas. This was only good during their lifetime and then the property reverted back to the state.

This is only an index of applicants, in most instances the people listed here did not receive the reservation they requested. We will be posting the remaining documents surrounding the Reservation Roll including a list of actual recipients in the near future.

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  1. Christopher Rowan

    I was told RI hard Bark Foreman, or Oo-ya-lu-gi, was listed on the 1817 reservation roll. I couldn’t find him. I believe he was given a tract of land in 1817.

  2. Sharon Lukenbill

    I am looking for anyone with the last name of Lukenbill either Cherokee or Choctaw Tribe. Family came from Guyman, OK area.I was told that the building that contained the records had burnt

  3. LynnaR26

    OK, I’m having difficulty with your search on 1817 Rolls. On your old search, I could type Oo and find the individual. I know he’s on this roll, page 5, #195, if my memory serves me correctly (which is why I am trying to search — to verify).

    • Dennis

      He wouldn’t be #195, that isn’t anyone who has Oo in his name. You have to use 3 letters to start your search, spaces are allowed as a letter. Since you’re obviously looking for Oo include the space after it. I got quite a few matches that way.

  4. Dennis

    Hi, We haven’t had a chance yet to update the Cherokee Tribe page, eventually you should be able to find all of the information for researching your Cherokee roots (that we have available) from that page. For somebody to better help you, it would be necessary to know are we talking about Eastern Cherokee (these stayed in the Eastern States) or Oklahoma Cherokee (most of these traveled West via the Trail of Tears).

    At this time I suggest you start with the List of Native American Rolls and Indian Tribal Histories Caddo to Cupeno. The last page, especially, will assist you in finding the information we have.

    I would also suggest trying out the search… it works best when you type the search in as it will show results that match the title for what you’re typing. It does NOT search our databases, just our pages, so use the Rolls link I provide above, or the Database link at the top of every page.

    Best luck, and let us know how it goes! Dennis

  5. jacpace

    I am new to this site and am trying to find info out on some relatives who I have found have Cherokee blood. Where do I look? I know names and dates on them from but can’t find any info on tribes.


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