A complete listing of all the Indian villages, towns and settlements as listed in Handbook of Americans North of Mexico.

Geies (or Geier). One of the non-Caddoan tribes reported by Father Damian Massanet, comisario for the missions of Texas, on the road from Coahuila (probably the presidio rather than the province) to the Tejas (Texas) country in the 18th century. Dictamen Fiscal, Mexico, Nov. 30, 1716, cited by H. E. Bolton, inf’n, 1906.

Gueiquesales. A former tribe of s. Texas, probably Coahuiltecan, living near the Manos Prietas, Bocores, Haeser, Pinanaca, Escaba, Cacastes, Cocobipta, Codame, Contotores, Colorados, Babiamares, and Taimamares. Perhaps identical with the Guisoles, and probably the Susolas of Cabeza de Vaca. (J. R. S.)

Guhlkainde (Gû’l‛ka-ĭ′nde, ‘plains people’). A division of the Mescalero Apache who claim as their original habitat the Staked plains region E. of Pecos r., in New Mexico and Texas.